So your friend also got an Android phone and now he or she is asking you to share some of your apps. Sounds like a difficult task considering you have downloaded all those apps online. Don’t worry, there is an app called “Share App” that allows you to actually transfer your apps in APK format. There are many other such “app sharing app” in the market but they only share the apps’ links to the android market aka Google Play Store which means users will have to go online to access those links.

share apps-2       share apps

With “Share App” you can share your apps’ installation package (APK) to Bluetooth, email, Dropbox, Google Drive or even Facebook.   Furthermore, if sharing large APK file is cumbersome, you can simply send the market links to your friends via text based apps such as SMS, Facebook , Google Hangout etc.   Other features include, move to SDcard, Uninstall app, Backup APK to sdcard, clear app cache and show app details in the market.

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