The unwanted notifications, which pop up while you do not want them, are so annoying. The sound which is produced is even more disturbing, especially while you are at work or some busy situations. There were a lot of methods to get rid of them in the previous versions of Android, but the Android 5.0 Lollipop has a built-in features, which is called as priority mode to manage all of them. You can set up priority mode according to your need or will, and enjoy working or anything freely. set up priority mode in Android

The ‘Priority Mode’ in this latest version of android, is nothing other than the ‘Do not Disturb mode’. If you recently had got the Android 5.0 Lollipop update in your device, and do not know anything about this feature, this is the guide for you. To access the priority settings option, press the Volume Up or the Volume Down button while your device’s display is on. There, underneath the volume adjustment (on the top of screen), you will see the ‘Priority’ in between. There will be ‘None’ option which will disable all the notifications sound, and ‘All’ which will enable all the notification sound. From the ‘Priority’, however, you can customize which one you would like to have. For this, tap the gear icon next to the words “Priority interruptions only.” Now think about what types of notifications you want to alert you when you have the priority mode active. Only the aspects you choose to alert you (i.e. you keep in priority) will produce the notification sound, and rest will not. You can make combinations of whatever you want. For example, you can make your device to produce sounds when you receive texts and calls, and remain silent otherwise.

In this option, you can also specify the time duration for which you want to prioritize notifications.  If you set the time duration, which can be an hour, two hours or even more, the mode will be active till that time only. You can select automatic down time when it is the time for you to go to bed. The alert depends on the way you set up priority mode in your device. Enjoy the feature!


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