This exploit came out a couple of months ago and it roots your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge without affecting the KNOX. KNOX is the security measure taken by Samsung to assure that the system partitions remains untouched and unchanged with will ultimately eliminate any security breach. If you try to make system level tweaks, KNOX detects it and trips a hardware fuse which cannot be reset and will void your device’s warranty. Also, you cannot use Samsung Pay either. But you don’t have to fear that anymore. PingPong Root will help you gain root without tripping off KNOX to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Step 1: Make sure your device’s firmware is supported. Go to Settings > About device and note down the Build number. Then, go the PingPong Root’s website and check if the build number is listed on the supported devices.Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - build number

Step 2: If your device is supported then make sure you have checked Unknown Sources. To do so, so to Settings > Lock screen and security > toggle Unknown sources on.unknown sources

Step 3: Download and install PingPong Root and Super SU. You can download PingPong Root from its website and SuperSU is available on the Play Store. When installing PingPong Root you may get a warning saying ‘Do no install this app’ but install it anyway.

Step 4: Open PingPong Root. You will see two buttons – Get root and Download Data. Tap on ‘Download Data’ and once it is done tap on ‘Ok’.PingPong Root

Step 5: Now tap on ‘Get root’ button to root your device. You will have to wait a couple of seconds. After you are prompted with ‘Root done’ message, press ‘Ok’ and reboot your device.

Step 6: When your device finishes booting, open the SuperSU app and updated binaries if you’re asked to. Choose ‘Normal’ option. After a couple of seconds, the binary will be updated successfully. Reboot your device once again.SuperSU

Step 7: Once your device finishes booting, download Root Checker for the Play Store. Open the app and tap on ‘Verify root’. You will receive a message that your device is rooted.step 4a


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