Are you a music lover? If you are, then you know that cover arts mean a lot to you. It does feel good to have cover arts displaying on you music player than a blank space.  However, many times our albums miss the cover arts and the only way to get those covers is to search for them one by one on the internet. Many android music players such as Playerpro or Poweramp give options to download or fetch album art online but many times you’d have to select each album one by one to fetch them and even so, the players would download the wrong cover arts. There is a simple solution to this cover art issue, simply download the Album Art Grabber app from Google Play.

album art grabber android    album art grabber android -2    album art grabber android -4    album art grabber android -3

Album art grabber finds all the music files in your android device and then automatically finds and saves their respective album arts in the sdcard. If you already have album arts for some files, the app will only download the missing ones. If you have wrong arts for some albums, you can delete them and then add the right one. The download album arts are high resolution meaning they will even look good on tablet screens. The cool thing is this app is free in the Google Store and as a music enthusiast you should give it a try.   This app is currently supported by ads and if you want ad-free you can buy the pro version.

Install Album Art Grabber for Android



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