Gravity is a retro style obstacle game for android which lets you experience Avicii’s music in a whole new way. In the game you fly your ship across the space and then swipe left or right on your screen to avoid obstacles and collect rewards.

The gameplay is very simple, at the right side of the screen you will see an indicator that shows you different colored triangles which you must collect in the sequence as shown in the indicator. As you collect a long sequence of pickups you will get greater rewards and hear Avicii’s complete hit songs. With enough rewards you can even upgrade your ships and use different powers to make your ships perform better. If you miss the sequence or collect the wrong pickups the music will not complete and you will also lose life and have to start all over.  If you want to sail past the levels you can purchase upgrade credits or lives via the game itself.

avicii-gravity-scrshot2    avicii-gravity-scrshot1    avicii-gravity-scrshot3

The game is very challenging and it will take some practice before you start flying your ship like a pro.  As recommended, you will enjoy the game more if you wear a good headphone. However, the electronic music by Avicii sounds really good even on the speakers of your smartphones or tablets.  Gravity even offers fans the opportunity to earn a game exclusive Avicci mix and the songs you buy through the game will also be available in your iTunes library and you can even use the purchased songs as soundtracks in the Level X which is the final level of the game.

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