Galaxy S5Samsung has released its new flagship, the Galaxy S5 worldwide, at a pretty high price. Of course, anyone would like to own the super awesome Galaxy S5, but many of us couldn’t be able to afford it, since it may be too much expensive, whether out of our budget or not proper value for money. If you currently own an Android Smartphone, there are a lot of apps in the Google Play Store to install  in your phone which will make your phone look exactly like the Galaxy S5 (and make your smartphone look and feel quite refreshing). Your phone even doesn’t need to be rooted to install these, and they have a lot of customization options as well. Some of the cool apps, which will solve your query about “how to make any Android smartphone like Galaxy S5” are discussed as the following:

1) Install the Galaxy Launcher. This will make your phone’s  outlook exactly like the Galaxy’s TouchWiz.

Galaxy Launcher

2)  Galaxy S5 Live Wallpaper is another important app to be installed, since it makes your display as awesome as the Galaxy S5. They will look almost same if they have same wallpapers :D.

Galaxy S5 live wallpaper

3) Your phone will also need to have the same ringtones as those of the S5. Galaxy S5 Ringtones are the best ringtones as whenever you’ll get the call, the people, and even you’ll be confused :p .

4) Fingerprint Lock is one of the most immense features of the Galaxy S5, and your phone needs it. Obviously this is a fake app, since your phone needs a preinstalled fingerprint reader to read it genuinely, but still it looks alike with that of the S5’s, being able to make us confused with the Access Denied and Access Granted options.

fingerprint scanner

5) For several utilities features of the Galaxy S5, though you can’t use them, to make your smartphone as alike as the S5, you can download and install the Galaxy S5 Experience. It will have the Camera, Speed, Fitness, Gear and many other amazing options (all fake :D) to make your phone fresh, and will give you a new experience.

Galaxy S5 experience6) The Heart Rate Monitor is also one of the most important app needed to transform your phone into the Galaxy S5. It will have all the fake features of heart-rate monitor, which will look alike with that of the Galaxy S5.

heart rate monitor


  1. Why don’t you write the caption “How to make any Android smartphone like FAKE Galaxy S5?” :0|0

  2. @anurup, @sunny what were you expecting from the article , a hack that will add finger print , heart rate sensor , a snapdragon 801 and a 16 MP camera on your device??
    C’mon it’s obviously gonna be FAKE galaxy s5. Even if you get the real system apk from galaxy s5, your hardware won’t support it. The best way to make your phone like a galaxy s5 is to get one.


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