Recently, a friend of mine faced “Unfortunately, Browser has stopped” Error in Android. He tried a couple of solution but was not lucky enough to get rid of the problem. Later on when he said about the problem to me, I started searching for the solution. I came to know that this error is one of the common error is android. After tying many of the solution I finally fixed the issue. I also found that different method worked for different people. Here, I will show you some of the methods to Fix “Unfortunately, Browser has stopped” Error in Android.

Fix “Unfortunately, Browser has stopped” Error in Android

Fix “Unfortunately, Browser has stopped” Error in Android

Re-start your device

Sometime just by re-starting your device can solve the issue. So, why not try this once. To re-start your device:

  • end call power buttonUnlock the screen of the devices.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button until a menu appears.
  • Select “Power off“.
  • Wait for the device to power off.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the “Power” button to power the device back ON.
  • After that, see whether it fixes your issue or not.

Method 1: 

  • Open your browser >> Click on three dots (You can find that on the top right corner of the screen)
  • You will get different options >> Click privacy option.
  • Now Clear History, Clear Cache,  Clear Cookie Data, Clear Form Data, Clear saved Passwords
  • Restart your device and see whether you error is fixed or not.

[quote bcolor=”yellow”]Note: You will have to again re-enter all the info such as passwords, auto fill information etc. [/quote]

Method 2: Clear the Cache and Data of Browser

  • Go to Setting >> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as Apps).
  • Go to, All the apps > >Find the Browser >> Clear Cache and Data
  • Once you have cleared everything. Next you need to Force Stop the application.
  • Now, Restart your device and see whether you error is fixed or not.

Method 3: Enable Storage for the Browser

Enable Storage of browser

  • Go to Setting >> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as Apps).
  • Now Click on Browser >> App permissions
  • Then Enable Storage option.

You should be able to fix the issue by now. If you are still getting the error then proceed to next method.

Method 4: Use Different Browser

If you are not able to fix the issue till now then it is better to switch the browser. There are several browser available in Google Play Store. You can choose any of them as per you wish. Some of them are Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Mozilla FirefoxThese browsers are some of the best browser and has got good review from the users.

Method 5: Factory Reset your Device

Last and only method left to fix the issue is performing Factory Reset. Factory Reset you device should fix your issue.

[quote bcolor=”green” arrow=”yes”] How to Factory Reset your Android Device [/quote]

So, these are some of the method to Fix “Unfortunately, Browser has stopped” Error in Android. Feel free to comment below and let us know how you solved the issue.

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  1. First method is pretty invalid if you can’t access the browser. soon as you select it, it shuts down the browser and shows the error message

  2. I tried every method and nothing worked. I even opened the Android management screen and did hard reset and wiped the cache clean from there. Still the same. It’s not just the browser crashing on my tablet it’s every single application you open. EVERYTHING crashes no matter what it is. The Play Store crashes, the keyboard crashes, any game, everything. As soon as you try to open anything BAM it goes down and the error message comes up “Unfortunately “blah blah” has stopped”. Very frustrating.

    • Oh by the way, there’s no way I can try a different browser because nothing stays open long enough to download one. But I doubt if that would help anyway when everything is crashing, not just the browser.


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