Apple is known for their patience when it comes rolling out a significant change in their devices. However, when they designed iPhone X, they forgot all about it and came up with a horrible design idea – the Notch. Function wise it serves a purpose and is actually an engineering marvel, but design wise it looks ridiculous. It looks like someone strapped a tape on the beautiful display. Regardless how horrible it looks, some Android manufacturers have already started copying the design. Apple may not have had any choice with the notch but Android manufacturers are adding it for some reason. However, if you despise the notch but love the device, you may have a solution. There’s an app that can hide the notch. Here’s how to hide the notch on Android.

Hide the Notch on Android

Nacho Notch is what you need. It is completely free to install with no ads or a premium version with added features. You can start by heading to the Google Play Store and installing the app here. This app is significantly better than the ones that hide the notch on iPhone. The iPhone apps work only for the home screen, but Nacho Notch works on all the screens as it fills the whole top part with a status bar so the notch looks like it isn’t there.hide the notch

This app has GUI that you can interact with. To enable it, add the app time on Quick Tiles. To do so, pull down the Notification panel > tap on the edit button > scroll down till you find Nacho Notch > drag it to add it to the Quick Tiles. Now, tap the tile to enable it. the status bar will now turn black and makes the notch look like it isn’t there.

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