Knock2 activative notification for android

One of the most highlighted features of the Moto X (apart from DIY color customization) is the “Active notification”.  As you must have already seen in one of the Moto X ads for Rogers, the active notification will pop up notification icons on your android lock screen even when your device is in stand-by or sleep mode (i.e. no unlock required). If you want to check any updates or notifications at any point of time, all you have to do is tap on the screen and it will show you icons of apps that have notifications.  This is very useful especially if you don’t want your Gmail, Facebook or other apps to disturb you with notification sounds or vibration.

Now that Moto X has made this concept clear, other awesome android developers have brought apps that enable the active notification feature for all android devices. One of such apps is the KNOCK²+ V2.  KNOCK² is a low energy consumption notification app that will display notifications for missed call, new SMS/MMS and messages from different apps on your android lock screen.  When you click the notification icon, it will unlock your android and take you to the app. KNOCK²+ lock -screen also has cool animation that displays time and battery life when you tap on the screen.

You will benefit from this app especially if you have a Super AMOLED display where only portions of your screen will become active for notification and save you lots of battery life. The latest KNOCK²+ V2 supports all devices with Android 4.0 +. You can get the KNOCK²+V1 for free from the Google Store but this version is outdated and won’t support many app notifications. You can download the demo version of V2 but it has many premium functions missing including the lockscreen notification.

Get KNOCK²+V2 demo

Get KNOCK+V2 app premium.

Checkout this brief demonstration video of KNOCK²+V2


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