You know Netflix. I know Netflix. Everyone knows Netflix. It is a huge and immensely popular streaming service. It is safe to say that Netflix some of you have become compulsive binge-watchers due to Netflix (that includes me). And if you consume the contents of Netflix as much as I do, then it is hard to imagine leisure without Netflix. However, not too long ago, Netflix started introducing certain plans for certain smartphones. They even added features like Smart Downloads exclusively for smartphones. They also started to make it difficult for non-certified Android devices to use the app. However, if you’re one of those users who is having difficulties installing Netflix on your Android, then we have a couple of simple solutions. Here’s how to fix Netflix app not compatible error.

fix Netflix app not compatible error

Fix Netflix App Not Compatible Error

There are a couple of possible solutions to this problem. They are all easy to follow and any one of them might work depending on your situation. If one doesn’t work in your case, just move on to another.

Check Version

Netflix has varied versions for different apps. There’s a high chance that the app version on one of your devices differs from your other device. Also, you might be trying to install the Android TV version of the app.

fix Netflix app not compatible error

Moreover, Netflix only gives compatibility to the devices they have already verified. It will not work on devices that are not approved. This means if your Android device is manufactured by unpopular and small brands (mostly small Chinese brands), then the Netflix app will not work for you. Even if it works, there’s a high chance that HD options will not be available. What you want to do in this case is download and install an older version of the Netflix app. Search for version 4.16 build 200147 on a trusted 3rd party app store such as APKMania or APK Mirror. Unfortunately, the app will not be updated from the PlayStore and will still be marked as incompatible, but it will work.

Sideloading the Netflix app is not something we recommend as it is risky and might get you in trouble. If you’re willing to take the risk then feel free to use this solution. If you’re not ready, then we recommend you stick with the web version.

Update OS

This solution is often overlooked. The version of Android you’re running on your device plays a crucial role in the compatibility of the app. if you’re running anything below Android 5.0, the app will not work. Netflix’s last supported version of Android is 5.0. If updating your firmware is a possibility, do it asap because that is why you’re unable to install Netflix on your Android.

If your device is old, and updating firmware is not an option, we recommend you look for a custom ROM. Even if the manufacturers decide to stop supporting your device, there might be developers who are still working to improve your device. Go to XDA Forums and search for your device. Also, make sure you install Magisk Hide to pass Google’s SafetyNet.



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