If you got your Android from the US and it happens to be from carrier Verizon, there’s a good chance you might be getting a constant and annoying error that says, “Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, call us at 800-922-0204. Error Code 1000″. Do not worry. You can easily fix this error. Here’s how to fix Error Code 1000 on Android. This error is also known as the 800-922-0204 error or Verizon error.

Fix Error Code 1000 on Android

Users from the US might also experience this error if they do not use the Verizon Backup feature. The service gives out this error when it tries to connect to the cloud but cannot as you might never have set up the feature. Since you do not use this service, you can opt to disable it and this error will be gone.

Some users started seeing this error when they accidentally open any Verizon service app or even the app that might use a service provided by Verizon, like the Voicemail app. even if you do not use it and close it immediately, that will still trigger the error.

A user experiencing the same this wrote this in a subreddit, “Every hour or so a message pops up at random times saying “Just a moment while we prepare this application for use”. It completely freezes my phone for a few seconds where I can’t do anything except screenshot it. Then another message pops up saying “Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, call us at 800-922-0204. Error Code 1000”. This particular user started seeing this error when they opened the Voicemail app on their Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7. This is happening because when you accidentally open the app, it starts the initializing procedure and tries to perform the first-time setup by trying to sync up to the server. This cannot happen from a network perspective but the app doesn’t know that; then it throws the error.

error code 1000 Verizon

So, you might be using a Verizon phone on the US or you might be using an unlocked Verizon phone anywhere else in the world, you can still eliminate this error. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Go to Apps or Applications. The name might vary according to the device.

Step 3: Search for the Verizon VVM app and tap on it. If you do not find it, try again by tapping on Show system apps from the 3-dot menu located at the top right corner.

Step 4: Hit the Disable button. If you do not have a disable button, tap on the Force Stop button. Force Stop will only fix this temporally and you may have to come back to force stop it again.

Step 5: Do the same for Backup + Media, and Verizon Login app if the error still persists.

For those who do cannot disable the apps, you need to root your device to be able to do that. Or you can perform a workaround that might work.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Select Apps or Applications. The name may vary according to the device.

error code 1000 - app permissions

Step 3: Find the Verizon VVM app, and Verizon Login app.

Step 4: Tap on App Permissions.

Step 5: Disable every permission.

Step 6: Do this for all the Verizon app you find.

Note: If disabling the aforementioned app didn't fix the issue, you can try 
and disable all the Verizon apps and services. Reboot after disabling each app 
to check is the issue is fixed.


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