There are certain problems that people are having with Android 13. People who recently updated to the Android 13 noticed that the battery drains quickly. But don’t worry; we have some solutions that will enable you to easily resolve the Android 13 battery drain issue. Let’s explore those fixes now. Here’s how to fix Android 13 battery drain issue.

About Android 13

Google Android 13 is finally accessible to the general public after many months of beta testing. The operating system is an incremental update that builds on the foundation of Android 12 and features a much more complex and customizable Material You design, practical multitasking tools, cross-compatibility with Chromebooks and Google tablets, per-app language personalization, improved photo-picking, expanded privacy and security features. Android 13 isn’t a ground-breaking OS as Android 12, but still, it enhances the fantastic feature set from the previous year in many positive ways. Last year, “Material You” reimagined personalization for Android users. So much so that Apple upped its game this year with the release of comparable screen customization in iOS 16. This function enables you to change the user interface’s color scheme so that it blends in with your wallpaper. With a wider range of colors available in Android 13, you have more choice over how the home and lock screens appear. The addition of the color palette of non-Google apps to this functionality is a good touch. Many apps might not implement this feature because developers must choose to activate it.

Additionally, this version includes a number of new permission and privacy enhancements that significantly reduce OS intrusiveness and increase user comfort. Apps on Android 13 now request your permission before sending you notifications. You can turn off these notifications as soon as you install the app, so you won’t have to worry about receiving a barrage of notifications every time you open your smartphone.

How to Fix Android 13 Battery Drain

There are many reasons why you’re seeing your battery drain unusually. An app might malfunction, your device might be running hot, or there’s a problem with your charger. No matter what is causing the unusual drain, let’s look at how to fix Android 13 battery drain.

Reboot Device

After restarting your phone, if the problem still exists, you should look for any faults or malfunctions that may have contributed to it. Your device will receive a fresh start and this issue will be fixed after restarting. If you’re still here, then that means restarting didn’t work. Let’s look at other solutions.

fix Android 13 battery drain

Check Charger

Check your charging cable to make sure it is functioning properly. It’s possible that the USB cable’s malfunction is what’s creating this problem. This possibility ought to be taken into account. The battery will quickly discharge if your charger is defective or unable to charge your device properly. Check the cable and charger by using it with any other Android device. Moreover, it’s imperative that we use the original cable to charge the device. If your USB cable is broken, replace it and then charge your smartphone again. Once you do so, your battery-draining problem will be fixed automatically.

Check Update

Make sure you routinely update your software. Regular operating system updates are crucial because they correct issues and occasionally enhance certain functions. However, some apps may not function correctly or have issues if you don’t upgrade the operating system on your smartphone. Ensure that the operating system is the latest in order to stop your Android device’s battery from draining. Go to Settings > About Phone > Updates. The exact path might differ depending on the device you use.

fix Android 13 battery drain

Force Stop Background Apps

For a variety of reasons, your Android smartphone can run numerous apps concurrently. The majority of the time, this won’t result in issues with memory or battery consumption. If there are too many open apps on your Android device, the battery can discharge too quickly. By clicking the square Overview icon on the bottom edge of your Android display, you can see the apps that are currently operating in the background. Be aware that some programs may contain numerous windows, similar to how the Google Chrome browser may contain multiple tabs. These all have the potential to use resources. To force stop background apps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Find the app.
  • Tap on Force Stop.

Also, while you’re at it, you can also restrict the background process limit. You will need to enable Developer Options first (tap Build Number 7 times), then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Scroll down till you find Apps
  • Tap on Background Process Limit and select the preferred option.
  • You can also enable “Don’t keep activities”.

Factory Reset

Resetting the Android device is the only option if all other fixes don’t work. The battery depleting too quickly could be caused by an underlying software issue. You might be able to fix the problem by resetting your device. Go to Settings > About Phone > Factory Reset. The exact path might differ from device to device.

fix Android 13 battery drain

Check Damage

Worst case, your battery might be damaged. If that’s the case, you need to go to a service center and have it replaced. Your battery drain issue will surely be resolved by replacing the battery in your Android device. The battery needs to be replaced right away. However, if the battery is not changed with the assistance of a professional, it is likely that the motherboard to be damaged. So, only a professional should change your battery.


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