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How To: Disable Face ID [iPhone X]

Apple unveiled iPhone X as one of its 10th anniversary phone on September, 2017. iPhone X has a sleek new design, almost bezel-less display and new sensors up front. With the TrueDepth camera system in the new iPhone X, Apple removed the Touch ID. With the removal of TouchID and the TrueDepth camera system, Apple has introduced the Face ID, the new security feature. It replaces the TouchID in iPhones. Apple articulates that Face ID is secure than TouchID. However, some of us are not comfortable using such technology and want to keep using PIN system. Here is how you can disable Face ID security.

Disable Face ID

Disable Face ID in iPhone X quickly

In previous versions, pressing the power button five times would disable the Touch ID. The same shortcut also gave you quick access to emergency services. Similarly, Apple has a shortcut to remove Face ID in case of inconvenience.

The Face ID will disable itself, if:

  • you reboot the device
  • you haven’t unlocked with a passcode or at all in about six days
  • Face ID hasn’t unlocked in 4 hours
  • You haven’t used Face ID to your device in over 48 hours

You can also quickly disable Face ID by pressing a combination of certain keys.

Disable Face ID by squeezing the sides of the phone.

Press either volume button or the power button and hold them for a short period. This provides you access to an emergency screen. This emergency screen is similar to the screen on previous iPhones.

Disable Face ID - Shortcut

Face ID can be completely disabled too in case you desire to use the standard passcode instead. For this, you have to selectively choose when to authenticate Face ID.

What are your views on using Face ID authentication? Do you think disabling Face ID will be secure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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