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Best Authenticator Apps 2020

If you haven’t already, you should immediately enable 2-factor authentication or 2FA on all your accounts. And for that, you need a good authenticator app. We’re here to help. Here are the best Authenticator apps.

Best Authenticator Apps


best Authenticator apps

Many password managers also act as authenticator apps, and you can use the apps to create 2FA codes as well as store all your login information, but we especially want to showcase LastPass. You can select both paid and free versions of the application, and it works seamlessly on all your devices and browsers. LastPass authenticator is a simple-to-use software. It can operate with SMS messages, push alerts for your username, create codes, and store all your accounts and passwords backed up in the cloud as well.

Microsoft Authenticator

Best Authenticator Apps

Microsoft Authenticator supports a wide variety of accounts in addition to your Microsoft account. The design approach is essentially the same as Google Authenticator, but there is a little more visual bloom here than there is in the Google counterpart — better layout and graphic icons for each of the accounts.

Google Authenticator

Best Authenticator Apps

Google Authenticator is one of the most simple authenticator apps out there. Adding profiles is at least simple enough, and it only includes scanning a QR code or typing a numeric code. You will be operational in a matter of seconds. If you are planning to or have changed devices, do not worry as it is also fairly straightforward, and Google walks you through the procedure step-by-step so that you don’t unexpectedly find yourself locked from your main accounts. However, as far as advanced features are concerned, the integrated dark mode is just as good as it comes, because it doesn’t support multiple devices or cloud syncing.


Best Authenticator Apps

Authy really is the benchmark as far as authenticators are concerned. It works with a multitude of different accounts and comes loaded with just about every functionality you can hope of for an application such as this. All is safely backed up in the cloud, so you can conveniently switch between devices or use several devices to access your 2FA-protected profiles. Apart from the ease of use and comprehensive feature provided here, Authy is also a delight to look at, with all of the accounts that you have added displayed in the grid at the bottom.  All you have to do is tap on the icon to get the code.


Best Authenticator Apps

Duo’s security services are targeted mainly at companies, but everyone can use its secure, reliable authenticator app. It supports a wide variety of third-party accounts and setting it up is as fast and as easy as you’d expect (usually just a few taps and a QR code scan). When you have several accounts set up within the app, they can be easily found and managed from a master list, and if the apps you use support push alerts, they can be managed on your device as well.

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