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Android Oreo Tips and Tricks

Google’s big Android OS update, Android Oreo launched recently in the Android world. The new update is, for now, available to limited smartphones (Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL, and Pixel C). Android 8.0 Oreo may look similar to previous Android version, but there’s a lot under the hood. Android Oreo is packed with new unbelievable features. Here are some useful Android Oreo Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your smartphone.

Android Oreo Tips And Tricks

Get started with these Android Oreo Tips

#1. Get Nifty with Notifications

Android Oreo introduces some handy notification enhancements. Android Oreo lets you prioritize notifications in more detailed manner. You can categorize notifications that you want, to appear or not on the screen, with the help of Notifications “Channels”.

Android Oreo Tips And Tricks - Snooze

You can now snooze your notifications with your Android 8.0 Oreo.  This lets you clear the clutter at the moment and remind about something later. You can also customize critical notifications with specific background colour, accompanied by vibrations and sound alert patterns.

#2. Picture in Picture View

Android Oreo lets you use the YouTube-like Picture in Picture. You can run any application in background with any video running. For this:

  • Go to Apps & Notifications >> Advanced
  • Tap on Special app access >> “Picture-in-picture”
  • Toggle Allow picture-in-picture in an app which supports the feature.

Android Oreo Tips And Tricks - Picture In PictureNow, for video running in a small window with other apps running in background, first run video in full screen. Then, simply tap the home button.

#3. Make Easy Text Selection

One of the Android Oreo Tips and Tricks you can try out is Text Selection. It is now lot easier in Android Oreo. For example: if you need to select e-mail address, just tap on section of e-mail, and the smart OS will automatically highlight the entire address. Once highlighted, the mobile OS, offers app-based suggestions for you to do.

#4. Automatically Enable Wi-Fi

Android Oreo allows you to automatically turn on Wi-Fi when there’s a high-quality network available. To imply this nifty Android Oreo trick:

  • Go to Settings >> Network & Internet >> Wi-FiAndroid Oreo Tips And Tricks - Settings
  • Scroll down and select Wi-Fi preferences >> Toggle Turn on Wi-Fi automaticallyAndroid Oreo Tips And Tricks - Turn on Wifi Automatically

Now your Wi-Fi will automatically turn on near the saved networks.

#5. Play with the Octopus

Whether it be Android Oreo or previous Android releases, Google usually has hidden Easter eggs. Head over to Settings >> System >> About Phone. Tap on “Android Version 8.0.0” repeatedly until the Android O symbol pops up. Continue to tap on the symbol a few more times and long press till the device vibrates.Android Oreo Tips And Tricks - Octopus

An animated octopus will then show up on your screen. While it may not be the most exciting feature on Android Oreo, it is still a fun thing to have on your device.

Did you get a hand on all these Android Oreo tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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