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Android Oreo Features

Android, being an open-source platform, enables a lot of possibilities for its users. Instead of tying people down to a single look and a set of features, Android gives its users the option to uniquely craft their device however they want. Android lets from hobbyist to professionals to play around with its source code, developing numerous mods and custom ROMs. Due to this, even a legacy device can get new updates as long as its hardware is compatible. Putting the custom ROMs platform aside, the stock versions are themselves packed with goodness. Google has released the new version of Android – Android 8.0 Oreo. Although, visually it is almost identical to its predecessor, there are some improvements and additions worth noting. Oreo is all about increasing the quality of experience for the users without compromising the reliability and security. So here are some notable Android Oreo Features.

Android Oreo Features

Quick Settings design rework

Quick settings make it easy for the users to toggle the most used settings. In Oreo, the Quick Settings has been reworked with a bit whiter color scheme then what we’re used to seeing. In the previous versions, we had dark gray with light highlight color scheme, but now they have opted for a white and light gray scheme. This is the most significant UI change in Oreo.Android Oreo Features

New Settings app

The Settings app in Oreo is somewhat different from Nougat. Google did a complete rework of the Settings app and went for a more traditional look. They have redone the subsections to provide more information. The sections will now provide an overview about it along with other information. Users may think some settings have gone missing but that will not be the case; they may just be regrouped under different but familiar names.


Just like the Quick Settings, the color of the notification panel has changed too. They somewhat match the shade of Quick Settings. Another significant change is done to how the notifications are shown. There are different colors to the type of notification that appear. Also, Oreo will have Notification Dots. These dots will make you aware if you have any unread notification through a hovering don on the app’s icon.Android Oreo Features

Picture in Picture

In Oreo, a small floating window will play a video or video call while you continue using your device form something other than that. You can still use your device normally. You can do your work while listening to your favorite band playing live on YouTube.

Background Processes

On the previous versions of Android, apps like Facebook would keep on running in the background, draining the battery, consuming bandwidth and hampering device’s performance.  Now, that will not be the case. The apps will only have a limited window before they are killed. The notifications can be made persistent. This has been included to improve the battery health.

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