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Best TV and Movies Tracker app in 2020

There are too many shows and too many episodes that it becomes easy to lose track of what you’re watching or which of your show you’re watching released a new season. The same goes for movies too. There are just too many. This is where a tv and movie tracker comes in handy. Here are the best tv and movies tracker app.

Best TV and Movies Tracker app

TV Time

This app is my personal favorite and the one I use regularly. TV Time is available for both iOS and Android devices. Both apps adopt the same style pattern. Sign in to use every social media site, and you’re on the right track.

Best TV and Movies Tracker app

You may make custom lists, see reviews, and statistics with details (this includes the total time you’ve spent watching series and movies).   You can also see the IMDB ranking and user feedback. It follows the UI design of the card and shows all the relevant details at the front. Recently, the app added the feature to also track movies.


Seriesguide acts as a tool for monitoring your television watch list and a guide at the same time. The app provides smooth transitions and a well-designed interface. The functionality includes the ability to monitor watched shows, keep an eye on new and recent releases, and control the media collection.

Best TV and Movies Tracker app

You can also link to Trakt.tv to check, comment, rate, and sync across devices. There’s also a rating tab that lets you see how much time you spent watching movies and tv shows.


Hobi provides the ideal balance of design and functionality. It’s a cross-platform app that easily syncs info between devices. When it comes to architecture, it’s the best one in the set. Unlike other apps, you could also use the Google Account to back up your data.

Best TV and Movies Tracker app

You can discover new shows from the Discover menu and see detailed information on your viewing habits in the Stats tab. You can also configure alerts, set reminders, and display IMDB ratings from the app itself. Tract.tv sync is also possible.


Moviebase looks and feels the same and SeriesGuide. The app uses both the hamburger menu and the navigation bar at the bottom. The app uses a fresh blue theme with features and movie information that follow a specific look.

Best TV and Movies Tracker app

You can display the production, see feedback, user comments, and release details from a single page. The software provides full knowledge with minimum effort. You can make custom lists, add alerts, link to Trakt.tv, and even hide items.


CineTrak is for those who prefer reviewing comments on various websites before watching a certain series or movie. Talking about the Interface, the app is smooth, and the transitions are a pleasure to use. This app just uses the hamburger list.

Best TV and Movies Tracker app

This app provides a lot of features, too. You can sign in to Trakt.tv and even sign in to their cloud service. You can see feedback and scores from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and Wikipedia. You can add alerts, and the calendar integration allows you to see new and upcoming shows and movies straight from the calendar.

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