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iOS 14 Features and Downloadable iOS14 Wallpapers

This year’s WWDC revealed the new iOS 14 and with it came tons of new and exciting features. We’ll briefly go through it and talk about what they really do. Also, we will be including the new iOS 14’s beautiful high-resolution wallpapers for you to download.

iOS 14 Features and Downloadable ios14 wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

iOS 14 Features

The new App Library feature automatically sorts all your apps and keeps it organized for a clutter-free screen. This comes after the normal home screens. Also, they have added the feature that will show calling notification on top of the screen without taking up the whole screen. So, you can keep using your phone while ignoring a call.

App Clips feature lets you use an app without downloading the big files. You can access theses apps via a card and you can use certain features to check the app out without actually downloading the whole app. Even Siri got an update. Siri’s reaction will not take up the whole screen now. It even got upgraded translations.

The Messages got an upgrade. You can now pin conversation, use 20 new hair, and headwear Memoji styles. Groups now allow to @mention someone. The Maps now include Guides that show description about the place, ability to look for cycle lanes, and EV routes highlighting charging stations.

Updated Picture-in-Picture mode and feature to unlock your car using your iPhone. It is only available on 2021 BMW Series 5 but will be available for others soon. The Privacy out a big bump as now the apps can only track you if you give permissions. Also, you can now choose to share your approximate location rather than your actual location. iOS 14’s smart home controls will give you better control over your smart home.

Downloadable iOS14 Wallpapers

iOS 14 also giving us extra wallpapers. You don’t have to wait for it yet and download it right now in high resolution and use it as wallpapers on your current iPhone or iPad.

To use iOS 14 wallpapers as wallpapers on your device follow the step below on your current device.

  • Choose any image you want by clicking on it
  • Now long press on the image and click Add to photos
  • Go to the Photos app and the find the image you just add
  • Open/select that image and click on the share button and click on Use as Wallpaper



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