Wouldn’t you love your Android even more if it got smarter? Like ‘folders automagically customizing itself depending upon where you are and what you are doing’ smart? For example, a folder on your home screen changes automatically to show all your current playlists when you plug in your earphones. This is what I mean by dynamic folders. Here’s how to create dynamic folder widgets on Android.CAF - create dynamic folders

What is it?

Contextual App Folder or CAF is an app that creates a folder on your home screen depending upon the action or a trigger. It creates folder via widgets and is placed on your home screen.  You will get a set of 9 triggers and depending up on the scenario you have set, the folder will change. Triggers can be anything from connecting an earphone like mentioned earlier or arriving at a particular place such as home or office.

How to make it work?

First you need to download the app. Head over to the Google Play Store app and search for Contextual App Folder or follow this link. Once installed, open the app and you will see a plus icon ‘+’ at the bottom right corner. This contains the list of scenarios. CAF currently has headphones, Geo location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Charging, Calling, Time, Notification and default scenarios. You can use these scenarios to set the required trigger. Tap the plus ‘+’ icon to bring up the list of triggers. Select a trigger and choose the apps that will suit the selected scenario. For example you can use the Geo location trigger to add your college and make all the apps required for college to show up. This is basically all you need to know.

Note that CAF is a widget and it needs to be added on your home screen first for it to work. You can also customize the folders along with the layouts and the backgrounds. Give this app a try and leave your feedback on the comments below.

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