Taiwanese mobile manufacturer- HTC is about to begin a new era, as Peter Chou, who is the co-founder and CEO of the company for a long time, steps down from the position. The vacant post is to be filled by Cher Wang, who is also the co-founder, as well as the chairwoman of HTC.

Cher Wang replaces Peter Chou

Along with Cher Wang and H.T.Cho, Chou founded HTC in 1997 as a contract manufacturer making computers and other electronics for various brands. In 2004, Chou took over as CEO, and under his leadership, HTC developed into a world leader of the smartphone industry. In the recent years, HTC has experienced a shrink in the sales, followed by substantial loss of revenue.

Peter Chou will continue to be at an important position at HTC though, now onwards, he will be the head of HTC Future Development Lab. As said, Chou have always been a product person, and it is good to hear that he is heading back to the product division again. While Chou has headed the company through some tough times, he’s more of a product person, and as such, it is no surprise seeing him head a product division. Cher, meanwhile, has already been actively involved in managing the company and is better suited for the role of the CEO.

The official words of Cher Wang, in the occasion:

We are seeing rapid changes in the industry, with the smartphone as our personal hub connecting us to a growing world of smart devices. We pioneered the smartphone industry; now we are applying that thinking to realize the potential of a new generation of connected products and services. The overwhelming response that our virtual reality product, HTC Vive, received earlier this month underlines the importance of these new connected technologies for our future.

As an entrepreneur at heart, I am excited to see so many new opportunities, and I am honoured to accept this opportunity to help shape the next stage of HTC’s development.

Now as Cher Wang replaces Peter Chou as the CEO, with the new leadership, let’s hope HTC will flourish again, which can be most effectively by reviewing its product-price ratio, which we hope will eventually boost up the sales of the manufacturer. Good luck Wang and HTC!


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