Cars: Fast as Lightning is a game developed by Gameloft, which is based on the 2006 animated movie Pixar Animation Studios and and released by Walt Disney Pictures. This game has various characters which were on the movie, and the lead racer Lightning McQueen. As all the games developed by Gameloft based movies, this one is also awesome, having cute features and nice animations. The game is focused for children, and they’ll love to play it.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

Pros Cons
Nice animations and sound Designed for kids
Works fine even in low-end phones Some crash reports
Easy controls and gameplay

Cars: Fast as Lightning is all about letting players race around the track while jumping ramps and dodging various obstacles. As we saw last time in the movie, the protagonist, Lightning McQueen was successful to put the run-down old town, Radiator Springs in the map. And in this game, he wants all the cars to build their own racing track in the town. However, players are only able to control acceleration, braking and ramping, but this doesn’t limit the fun you will have. The game combines town building and racing where players live here. The town is about to host a massive racing competition. The mechanics of the game is however, very simple. All you have to do is to hold down a virtual pedal in the screen to accelerate, and loosen it during the turns to slow down. You will need some tap whenever you enter into the boosts (which will give you a speed up), and to pass the obstacles you’ll have to pass by swiping in the direction indicated on the screen. Coins are not too difficult to earn in-game, and can be acquired through practice races as well as buildings. Some of the cooler stunt tracks are only purchasable with hard currency, however. You process through chapters while unlocking new characters and items, and this game gives you a sense of progression or meaning as they go. There are over 20 characters in this game from the movie. In addition to racing, in this game, the players can do different paint jobs in the characters as well.

Lightning is voiced by Owen Wilson in this game too, and most of the voices are original from the movies. The visuals are sharp and capture the feel of the films. The voice overs are convincing, the characters are well animated, and the dialogue might elicit a giggle or two. While playing Cars: Fast as Lightning, we will feel like this is a part of the movie. The developers have placed a warning for the parents, which appears at the first launch of this game and proves that this is designed for the children. Cars: Fast as Lightning is free to download, and your children will obviously like it, and you can have fun playing this game as well. If you had found the movie fascinating, you will find this game good too.

Download Cars: Fast as Lightning from the Google Play Store.


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