Using free VPN’s all good, though some free VPN’ s have their premium versions which are way too good to pass on. Paying money for the premium versions of the VPN is something people wouldnt consider but the few VPN’s in this list have a lot of features added to them when they are send to premium versions. VPN’s ( Virtual Private Networks) allows the users to bypass the censorship or restriction set by the country’s Internet service providers by pretending to be virtually in a different geographical location. This allows the users to download or access data that were restricted in that very geographical area. The few VPN’s listed below are in no way listed as best to worst and are just listed randomly.

These VPN’s are some of the VPN’s that you could consider getting premium versions of :

Nord VPN :

Premium vpn - NordNord VPN is one of the best premium VPN’s out there , it has multiple of geographical servers that you can tap into and have multiple access to various other datas as well. Nord VPN with its wide array of servers also has an extra layer of security that offers Kill switch which allows the VPN to automatcally terminate the connection to the servers if the Internet connectivity was lost during the session. This means the Kill switch would allow the user to not have any amount of logs or tracking when the connectivity is lost. NordVPN doesnot keep track of any of your personal data, meaning no one can tap into the information you have been looking up except yourself in your PC. Nord VPN has a 30 day trial period and then you have to pay for the subscription.

Hotspot Shield:

hotspot shield premium vpnHotspot shield is one of the most popular and free VPN’s out there. Its use was most prominent during the Turkey coup and the Arab Spring. This VPN even has a chrome extension. The free service of the VPN only permits access to US servers while the extension allows access to nearly 14 countries but doesnot allow in the US. Hotspot Shield lets its users use upto 500MB per day. That is nearly 15GB of data given to the free users in a month. This amount is higher than what Windscribe gives to its users. Its plus points is that it has its own extension and has fast speed and good connections , though its privacy policy is a bit lackluster. This VPN is available is all platforms, Windows, IOS, Android,Mac.

CyberGhost Secure VPN:

CyberGhost Secure premium VPNCyberGhost secure VPN is one of the best Premium VPN’s out there. It did have free version of the VPN but as of 2018 it has discontinued its free version and only allows premium VPN services. It is very secure and easy to use personal VPN which hides all your internet activities and mostly your identity from the hackers. CyberGhost Secure VPN also lets you hide your IP making it overall very safe to use. This VPN allows 1GB of data traffic per month and bandwidth is limited to 2Mbps, and also forces disconnection after 6 hours of usage.


SurfShark is a very secure and private VPN, It ensures that your location is kept a secret and this prevents hackers from phishing and identity stealing your identity , All you need to do while using surfshark is connect and start surfing. This VPN allows you to whitelist various apps and sites that bypass the VPN. This VPN has a unique Mode, called the Camouflage Mode which conceals your identity even from your Internet service provider.


Premium windscribe vpnWindscribe has been one of the best free VPN’s out there, It has a whooping 10 GB data per month , though its premium version has nearly an uncapped amount of Data that can be used. Windscribe has been encouraging its users to use VPN’s as it allows a high amount of data that can be used every month . Windscribe doesnt keep any logs of the addresses that have been visited while using it and has a multiple number of servers. It has 10 Free servers while in its premium version it has over 55 servers. This is by far one of the most easy to use and high data availing VPN’s out there. It is very easy to use and has a great privacy policy. This VPN is available is all platforms, Windows, IOS, Android,Mac. Recommending this to be tried.

Proton VPN:

Premium Proton vpnProton VPN is loved and preferred by many, as it has unlimited data and the speed provided is decent as well. It has been awarded as the best VPN consecutively for two years, the recent one it got was the best free VPN award on January 7th 2019 in Las Vegas. It has alot of features. Though its free version has only 3 servers, the fact that it has uncapped data means , even these three severs are more than enough. It has decent speed connection and it keeps no logs. Its premium version allows the users to connect upto 31 servers. It is available to be downloaded in all cross platforms , from Windows, to Android, to IOS and Mac.


SurfEasy is known for allowing its users unlimited bandwidth and upto 5 devices to be connected at the same time. It is considered as one of the best free VPN’s out there with a very good premium version in hand as well. Although the premium version only increases the volume that can be used per day to 1 GB from 500MB , the premium version also allows the users to access to a few more servers. And also this VPN has very strong privacy measures, making it a very secure VPN to use as well. It is only available in Windows 7,8,10. is a Malaysian VPN service provider. Its services are free of cost and is very easy to use. The free users are only allowed to access three server locations namely: Singapore, The Netherlands and Canada. Its free user servers may be limited but the number of servers provider to it users are over 34 servers. It allows its user to use upto 2GB per month. It doesnt allow unblocking places of US and UK , so , to unblock those places you might need to find other VPN’s instead. But , this VPN has a very strong privacy policy which is its plus point. This VPN is available is all platforms, Windows, IOS, Android,Mac.


Betternet is a very easy to use Free as well as Paid VPN. It is activated with just a click of a button and the only difference between the paid and the free version is the security layer in the paid version is more than in the free version. They do not allow you to choose a server but you get unlimited data, which means you have access to infinite amount of data to use while using this VPN. Betternet even hides your IP which means identity theft and phishing through hackers wont be happening so easily.


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