Have you ever back up your Gmail account whether in an external storage or cloud platform? What if you permanently lost all of the data?

Many of us use Gmail account to keep our business information. It’s possible that your account may be inaccessible for any reason or may be hacked. Such situation could cause permanently lost of all your important data. Losing these information could be quite costly.

It is your responsibility to keep all the data safe and make sure that the data isn’t lost. Backing up your data helps you prevent data loss. That’s why it’s important to backup data.

This article deals with the number of steps or procedure that will discuss on how to Backup the Gmail data in cloud platforms or services. Here you’ll learn how to backup Gmail. Unfortunately, user can’t backup Gmail using the mobile app. You need to use a PC or Laptops for backing up the data. Let’s have a look on those steps necessary for backing up the files.

Step 1 : Open Your Google Account

The first and former step is to visit the link, https://myaccount.google.com/ in your web browser. If you aren’t signed into your Google account, I suggest you sign in to your google account. In order to Sign in, click Sign in button situated at the top-right corner.

Backup Your Gmail

Step 2 : Visit Personal Info & Privacy

Personal Info & Privacy manage your visibility settings and the data google use to personalize your experience. Under Personal Info & Privacy you can manage your contacts, your personal info, manage your google activity, Ad Settings and Control your content.

Backup Your Gmail

Step 3 : Visit Control your Content

You will see this option under Personal Info & Privacy. With this feature you can control the content in your google account.

Backup Your Gmail

Step 4 : Create Archive

User can create archive with a copy of their data from Google products. You can find the Create Archive button under Download your data in Download or transfer your content section.

Backup Your Gmail

Step 5 : Select Data to Include

In this section, you will be provided with list of google products. You can choose the product to include in your archive and configure the setting for each product.

Backup Your Gmail

Step 6 : Toggle Mail From The List

Since, we are backing up the Gmail, I will toggle Mail from the list. The switch will turn blue signifying that your Gmail contents will be backed up. Then click, Next to proceed further.

Backup Your Gmail

Step 7 : Customize Archive Format

In this section, you will be asked to customize archive format. You can choose an archive file type, size, and delivery method. Since I am going to the backup in the cloud, I will choose to save the archive in Google drive. For this, I will select Add to Drive option from Delivery Method. Similarly, you can choose any of the options as you like from the given option. Then click to Create Archive to proceed further. 

Backup Your Gmail

Step 8 : Download your backup file

You will able to download the backup file once Google finishes creating your backup file. They will email you with the download link if you have requested to download Via email. Since I have requested to stored archived data in Google Drive, they will provide me a link to download from the google drive. I can download the copy of data directly from the google drive whenever I want.

Backup Your Gmail


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