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Amogh is a tech savvy & technology enthusiast. He loves to crack any issues which he faced or any user has stumble while using their devices.

How to Make Android Faster?

Android phones have made significant performance gains thanks to improved hardware and constant software updates. It will be difficult to find games and apps...
Android Buttons Stop Working

What To Do When Android Buttons Stop Working?

Physical buttons on smartphones are becoming harder to find these days. However, we still use a small number of buttons to carry out everyday...
Fix Phone Link Not Working

How to Fix Phone Link Not Working?

Users can connect Android devices and Windows PCs together with the Phone Link (previously known as Your Phone) app. However, when that program is broken,...
Fix Proximity Sensor Not Working

How to Fix Proximity Sensor Not Working?

Smartphones are made up of many components that come together to provide us with the convenient experience we've come to expect. Many of the...
How Does Restarting Smartphone Fixes Problems

How Does Restarting Smartphone Fixes Problems?

The first thing anyone would probably ask you when you mention a problem with your smartphone or any other gadget is, "Have you tried...
Fix Android Microphone Not Working

How to Fix Android Microphone Not Working?

Have you recently been on the phone with someone who said your audio wasn't clear? If this occurs, you might blame it on a...

How to Fix Android Constantly Restarting?

There are few things more annoying than having your phone randomly restart when you are trying to complete a task. You are not required...
Fix Android Touchscreen Not Working

How to Fix Android Touchscreen Not Working?

Probably hundreds of times a day, you touch the screen of your phone. The fact that touchscreens on smartphones are among the most commonly...
fix ghost touch on Android

How to Fix Ghost Touch on Android?

The annoying screen issue known as "ghost touch" affects Android displays. It happens when your screen responds to touches that aren't actually being applied...
Fix YouTube Video Lag

How to Fix YouTube Video Lag?

Nothing is more irritating than watching a video on YouTube and having the playback lag or continuously freezing. Even worse is when you are...