Sometimes when we have lots of notifications in our status bar, we just close them all without reading them. What if some of those notifications were really important? After you’ve closed them they will no longer appear on the status bar. Fear not, you can view notification history whenever you like and you can do all that via a notification widget on your homescreen. Follow these steps to setup a notification widget on your android:

  • Open your Widgets tab and then scroll till you find the “Settings” widgetnotification widget
  • After selecting the widget you get options for the widget, simply select “Notifications”
  • You should have a notification settings icon on your homescreen
  • Click on the notification widget and you should be able to view the history of notifications (includes app name and time)

Note: This tip will not work on older version of Android Jellybean. The notification widget can be found in Android 4.3 or later. You can even turn off notifications for apps via this useful widget. Simply select an app from the notification list and uncheck “Show notifications” and now you will not get any notifications from that app.

If you have older OS then you must follow these steps to disable or turn off app notifications:

  • Open System Settings >> Apps or Application Manager >> Select “All” tab to open a list of all apps
  • From the list >> select your app >> uncheck “Show Notifications”.

To turn off annoying notifications you can also long press any notification when they appear in the notification bar and then click “App info”. This will take you to the app’s management page where you can uncheck the “Show notifications”. option


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