Android users can buy songs from Google Play store and then play those songs in Google Play Music. However, those downloaded music files are hidden deep inside a system folder so that it plays only on Google Play Music and not on any other android music player app. So where are these Google Play music files located, so that you can rename and place them in a proper folder accessible by any music app? Well, after you’ve bought the music from Google Play, the files should be inside the following location: internal sdcard/android/data/

Music file location of google play music on Andorid smartphoneInside the above folder, you should see music files in this format- 1234.mp3.  However, you might need to root your android phone or tablet and then install an android file manager app like “Root Explorer” before you can access those songs. After you’ve found those music files you just bought from Google Play, simply move them from the Android data folder to your Music folder.  Also, make sure to rename those files to proper names.

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Note: To save this hassle, you could simply download the song free to your computer from your Google Play Music library website. Google allows a maximum of two downloads for each individual song when you’re downloading from the Google Play Music website.


  1. It isnt polite of you to mislead people into thinking it is in the system folder. It is in data/data folder way down in …. music and it takes a rooted device to find it….however even when pulled out of there it is unusable cus it has no art or infor. So prob the download to pc option for people as that may have art and info.

    Inho it is sketchy for google to not let us download straight to device with info+artwork embedded. If they want to serve better they could go lossless. Cheap price ok for cheap lil mp3 files.


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