Emails automatically get deletedThis is a very common problem faced by many enterprise email users who have email clients such as outlook to view and save mails.You open your email from your android or iphone and then it disappears or gets automatically deleted and you cannot view them later. Many wonder, what kind of witchcraft is this or is my smartphone haunted?

The problem actually lies with your email client in your computer. To solve the issue, you just have to do a minor tweak to your email client’s settings on your computer. Here are the steps to solve the emails automatically get deleted problem:

  • Open your email client. If you use Windows you probably have Microsoft Outlook installed.
  • Go to File menu.
  • Click Accounts settings. You will see a list of email accounts (if you have many).
  • From there, double click on the same account that is set up in your android or iphone.
  • Click More Settings
  • Now click Advanced 
  • Check “Leave a copy of the messages on server“. You can also set the duration you want those messages to remain in the server.
  •  Click OK and you are all done.

There you go. Simple as that and now your emails won’t magically dissapper.


    • All the check boxes you recommended I check, are checked, and so far, my Samsung S6 still deletes my e-mails.
      I’ve had to resort to deleting e-mails on my phone as soon as I see them. Then I can retrieve them from the Trash folder.

  1. Never seen such nonsense.
    If i have no mail cliënt at all active
    Mail disappears as wel.
    Nothing to do with cliënt.
    Mail should work as the settings suggestie NEVER delete mail on server.


    • HTCM8 go to mail tap 3 dots top right. Tap settings, tap Sync Send & Receive. Tap Download options. Tick by number of emails and then tick how many emails u want to stay on phone.

  2. Man, dont be stupid, this has nothing to do with email client at all !!!! Just look for all your phones or mobiles devices where you have your account set up and you will find where the problem is, trust me…

    • Eduardo, I have been 3 hours on the phone with sell provider (regarding my device) and my email provider. None can help. My emails delete in about 8 hours after reading. What do YOU think is the issue?

  3. THANK YOU for this. I have been struggling for THREE days trying to get this to work and you are the ONLY person who helped get my email working.

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