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    Will a reset with a restore from a backup with cwm work

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      Lalit Pandey

      Reset done from CWM is also the same, hence it should work. Have you tried it yet?

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        Am going to try in a few hours need phone up and ready till then. Then I will do a factory reset go into Cwm and restore the backup I’m going to do today. This is nuts it is slowing me down in my automation setup when can’t even load apps I pay for , lol

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    Booted into CWM, performed a backup to sd, did a factory reset from CWM, cleared cache from CWM, Restored backup and Reboot, Have been in reboot with lollipops whirling for about a hour now, ???

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      Lalit Pandey

      😀 How did it go? Seems like you are having a good time dude!Is your error solved yet?

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        It did not work what a mess , lol phone went into a soft brick I quest lollipops whirling no way to stop I tried resets backup restores nothing worked, Finally hat to use root toolbox to flash stock image then after I got it up after boot I did factory reset then let Google restore my last backup that they had , overall with some computer space issues in order to unzip the file for the image I was with out my phone for over 20 hours lol, and guess what I’m right back where I started 505 error still can’t install tasker so I can figure out how it works with utter, so it’s got to be something with the Google image file going around that there pushing, factory reset no go. I did exactly as it said as soon as image was done after first boot did the reset lol almost thought I was going to buy new phone still might. Do you know what its like to use a converted HD2 windows phone to android haha


          Lalit Pandey

          Sorry to hear that mate! Which one is your device? Used the ADB yet?

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    This is not an incompatibility issue by the app. You make it sound like developers are to blame. This is an Android bug that google needs to fix. Android lollipop is calculating a different sha1 from the certificate than KitKat did and thus not allowing the app to install. Developers cannot change certificates of existing apps so it is out of their hands. The solution is to do an adb uninstall of the app that won’t update but then the app data will not persist.

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    I Finally got time to try adb and still get duplicate permissions when using install over adb, if I try uninstall the error is just a internal error like it can’t find the file. File attempted adb install tasker.4.5u1.apk

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    Same problem here for Verizon GS5 running stock. After taking it to the store and getting hokey resolution (buy another battery and ‘just don’t use gps with any of the other radios’ advice) I have been racking my brain to fix. Have nearly all Tasker plugin out there. Apparently the problem has to do with pebble taskwatch and tasker. Try uninstalling taskwatch and then installing Tasker to see if that fixes the issue. Currently under lollipop they both cannot be installed on your device at the same time. I didn’t find out this suggestion until after another solution that worked for me. I did a factory reset. During the restore wizard I chose NOT to install any apps (I didn’t know which ones were causing the 505 error at that point) and only let the restore install basic data. After the restore wizard completed, I could easily go into play store and install tasker with no issues. The only caveats with this solution is that I can’t install Pebble Taskwatch (non-issue since I only really use AutoPebble) and I think I have to manually re-install all the other 658 apps I had on my phone before Verizon and Android screwed me over. Overall impression- Lollipop aint too sweet, but at least I got Tasker back.

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    Zaneta Campbell

    does anyone know to fix this error i can’t install hollwood U i rest my device clear date on playstore error still persits and i have the lolipop update -_- can anyone hlep

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    So, I found a workaround to get past the -505 error, but it requires a few things: a rooted device, a custom recovery that can install zipped apps, and the app2zip app available on the play store (should be free).

    Here’s what I did:
    1. Install Tasker first.
    2. Run the App2Zip app, and have it back up the app you installed.
    3. Uninstall Tasker, and install Utter.
    4. Repeat the backup procedure using App2Zip.
    5. Boot into your custom recovery, and install both zipped apps.
    6. Boot back into your OS after the installs finish, and you should have both Tasker and Utter installed.

    It is sad that this is still an issue, but hopefully this will help as a workaround until they fix this issue in 5.x

    1. 7.1


      Technically you should be able to do this with any offending apps, but you need to know what apps you already have installed that cause the 505 permission error first. If you can find a zipped version of that app online (preinstalled and zipped after) all the better.

    2. 7.2

      Philip Gardner

      Thanks very much for this – I had the identical problem, and was going crazy trying to understand what was going on. As an alternative to App2Zip, Titanium Backup also has the ability to convert an app or apps to an update.zip file.

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    Beverly Glover

    Mystery solved on Error Code 505!!! I discovered from Samsung tech support that the reason I was getting this error when trying to install a mobile banking app was that I already had a similar app installed – even though it was from a different bank. It will allow only one app of that type to be installed on the phone at once. Those apps are competing for the same settings. Also, it is a security measure to prevent viruses from reaching your phone.

    I had to uninstall the app from the first bank before installing the second one. I’ll have to take turns between the two apps installing and uninstalling so that only one is active at a time.

    Hallelujah for the solution (because I really needed to make a deposit immediately). Maybe this applies to other types of apps as well.

    1. 8.1

      Partha Chakraborty

      Hey! Beverly Glover!

      Do you think that this is a permanent solution? What if I need to use both the apps installed simultaneously in the Samsung phone?

    2. 8.2


      Thank you Beverly! This FINALLY solved my issue!

    3. 8.3


      My Dad just came to me and said that every time i try to re-install Facebook (after uninstalling it due to the fact it wouldn’t update or open the app) it downloads the app the app from the play store and gets so far into installing it and then says ERROR -505 cant install the app any ideas on a way round it ?

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    What i did was Cleared data and flashed Euphoria rom 5.1 June/02 release, skipped gapps and then downloaded play games from playstore. Then it asked to update google play services and updated that too. Everything is fine now.

    We are such slaves to games that i lost lots of data and time in this whole process 🙁

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    I got this error too, icon & widget disappears. I simply reapplied the widget, adding it back on homescreen. Icon in applications still doesn’t work and looks different, as if app has been deleted. But if I copy that same icon, to the homepage, it also works, altjought, it’s appearance stays same. The widget is fully operational.
    I’m not ready to try factor reboot.
    I don’t think I need the update that bad, maybe I’ll wait until someone in charge fixes the bug.

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    I tried uninstall, reinstall, and nothing. The same crap. Error 505 and no icon. But I could play the game and it was updated. Day or so later the icons reappeared on their own. So idk, maybe do nothing and see what happens. Maybe it will correct itself like mine did.

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    Will You lose all your apps and stuff?

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    For root user with SuperSU, working solution for error code 505.
    1. Google the apps com. name (eg. com.candycrushsodasaga)
    2. Install “Terminal Emulator” from play store.
    3. Open apps, and enter following command on Terminal Windows:

    (enter, SuperSu promt to “Grant” access)
    4. Enter another 2 command:
    adb shell
    pm uninstall com.candycrushsodasaga

    (This should remove all installation cached from your device. Goto play store and reinstall the apps.)

    1. 13.1


      hi it says adb not found
      device nexus 5 running android 7

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    Sajid Usman

    First of all it’s not client side error, it’s developer’s side error. If a developer has uploaded 2 or more applications with same signature then it is impossible to install even two of them. Best solution for you is to uninstall any other app you have from the same developer and install the installation you were trying before.

    For developers: You need to change your app signature in every application which is different from other. But if you are just publishing an update to, make sure just change the version number not signature.

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    Uninstalled previous free version of the paid app, installed.

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    All I had to do was clear cache from Play store and restart my phone, good to go

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    Still can’t download Google play games because if the error 505. I used the local SKK lollipop version 5.01 aAndroid so I can’t play coc on may phone since I can’t switch may account

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    NONE OF THE ABOVE: had both MS Word & Messenger working just fine in Lolipop 5.1 untill it says they have to update. Then 505 error, and, Icon disappeared, so It really has nothing to do with resetting or fac update
    I’ve been using Messenger & Word right up until this bad update. Has nothing to do with Lolipop, if it did I wouldn’t have been using Messenger this past year. It’s these constant unnecessary updates by poor coders wanting to change something that’s not broke, that’s the problem. #Dumb

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    try this on Lollipop 5.0.2

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    Excuse me I know the perfect cause why this error505 occurs. Let me explain. I have downloaded gangster vegas which is a Gameloft game and later I tried to download six guns then this annoying thing showed up. This is because both the packages have the same name ie., Com.gamloft.GNMP or something else. So to avoid this you need to move one app to sd card so the package also transfers. If the error perror persists again it means there may be junk folder in Android/obb. If you delete it then everything thing will be fine.
    Thanking you
    If you want further help please reply.


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    Such A great info i love it

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    Here it is. I have got the final solution. These developers are using same certificates for all of their apps. so you can not install 2nd app from the same developer if u have an app already installed from the same developer. Just uninstall the previous app and there u go. Now u can install ur desired app, just only one from the same developer.

    1. 22.1


      Please how do I go about this? I use a Hauwei y6 pro. I’m trying to download the WPS + PDF app. How do I find out the apps that are from the same developer or have same certificates? Thank you.

    2. 22.2


      Please how do I go about this? I use a Hauwei y6 pro. I’m trying to download the WPS + PDF app. How do I find out the apps that are from the same developer or have same certificates? Thank you


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