Error 24 during app installation in Google Play. Fix for error 24 which pops up when you are trying to install or update some apps in Google Play like WhatsApp. The 24 error seems to affect apps installed in Android RunTime or ART.

With the latest KitKat 4.4 updates rolling for most of the current-gen Android devices, users are experiencing a lot of performance enhancements. Though Kitkat 4.4 has loads of features and is more stable compared to previous Android versions, there are still many bugs that need to be fixed. For example: in our older post we talked about how the EAS connection error is affecting the KitKat users and suggested a simple solution. In this post, we will show you a fix for error 24WhatsApp is one such app affected by error 24.

Here is how you can fix error 24 in Google Play

Unknown error code during application installation: "-24"
Error -24

Method 1 (Sure Fix but requires root): (eg: for WhatsApp error 24)

  • Install a file manager like Root Manager
  • Browse to internal storage android/data/com.whatsapp
  • Delete the com.whatsapp… folder
  • Now install WhatsApp from Google Play

Method 2: Removing Junk Files via Cleanmaster (eg: for WhatsApp error 24 fixes)

  • Install cleanmaster
  • Uninstall Whatsapp
  • Now run Cleanmaster, search for Junk files and clean them. (Make sure to uncheck important files that are detected as Junk files by Cleanmaster)

Method 3: When all fails backup all your apps and data and factory reset your device.

Like most Google Play errors, this one is likely to stay until the next major update addresses the issue. The latest version, 4.4.2 KitKat is already available for some devices and it might address the Android 4.4 bug which gives the error 24 while installing apps.


  1. Hi I tried method 2 for PI 3.0 but this not listed under Junk so can not influenced by this fix .. this is really annoying …

    I think it will have to be a factory reset back with KIES seem useless for this


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