If you are a funny guy or girl, I’m sure you’ve come across one of those memes posted on facebook, twitter or instagram and then you said to yourself “meh, I can come up with something funnier, if only I knew how to make these meme mumbo jumbo”.Few years back, if you wanted to make such memes, you’d have to use Photoshop or other editing tools to crop the meme pictures, resize, add text or stitch pictures to them, etc. That’s a lot of work. Lucky for you, with android and ios apps you can make all kinds of meme pictures and comics.

The meme apps will have all the images preloaded and all you have to do is select the ones you want and add the texts to them. If that wasn’t enough, you can even share your work via app to all social networking sites. If you are really that good, there is a big chance your memes will go viral.  Who knows, maybe you will end up with your own 9gag and we all know how big 9gag has gotten in these past few years. So, encouraging you to let your funny out, we are presenting to you four of the best meme apps for android (and  some for iOS):


best meme apps for androidMemedroid makes is easy for us to share our meme creations to the world via popular social networking sites and through the Memedroid community. Your memes will be voted by other Memedroid members and if it fares well, it will be featured among the list of best memes. There is also a meme factory in the app from where you can download templates and add texts to them. Also, you can view and save the funniest memes from the app’s gallery to your SD card.
Download Memedroid


Roid Rage Comic Maker

best-meme-app-for-androidThis is my favorite app when I want to make my own meme comic. Then I share it via Memedroid  so that it can be rated and ranked among the most popular memes. Roid Rage lets choose from over 500 rage meme faces and images. The app has comic panels where you can add columns or rows as required. You can also add texts and draw images  Even the free version is ad free but has limited Features. For example- if you want to use images from your own gallery or add watermark to your work, you will need to buy the pro version. Download Roidrage


best meme apps for androidThis is a free (ad-supported) meme app that lets you choose from more than 500 images to make your memes. You can use pictures from your own gallery and create memes. You can search memes from different categories and then choose from the list of pictures.  If you don’t want ads can buy the  pro version from Google Play Store.Download MemeGenerator



Rage Meme camera

best meme apps for androidWith this app you can take picture of your friends or group of friends and add troll or meme faces to them. Choose from over 150 popular meme faces. The image editor in the app will allow you to change the orientation, color and add text and effects to your meme picture. After getting your image ready you can share it to Facebook, Twitter and more. Download Rage Meme Camera



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