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SwiftKey Keyboard now free to download in Android

One of the most popular keyboard apps found in the Google Play Store- the SwiftKey Keyboard is now absolutely free to download and install in your android smartphone. The popular keyboard was previously priced at $3.99, and was the most downloaded paid Android App from the play store of all time.


The Keyboard, launched on 2012, has been the paid version for all time. This time, SwiftKey decided to change its strategy by releasing the free version 5, after loads of award winnings and millions of downloads of the paid version. The free version release will push further the downloads to billions, and it is obvious.

The keyboard has still a purchasing facility though- and this time it is only for the themes of the keyboard. It means, the users will be allowed to use the basic functions of the keyboard free with preloaded theme, and if they want to change the theme and experience some freshness, they will be required to pay for the new themes. The store has now added thirty more themes in the keyboard, some of which are free and most of them are paid. Themes have long been one of the most-requested features for Swiftkey, according to Joe Braidwood, the company’s chief marketing officer.

“We can now engage much more with the requests that we get and build out all this great content,” swiftkeyBraidwood told in an interview. “This has been one of the biggest requests for the longest time: ‘I love your core technology, but I want to change this thing about the keyboard.’ Having the SwiftKey store inside of the app allows us to do that.”

The SwiftKey keyboard is now highly recommended to download from the playstore, since it is one of the best apps available. It helps the users in effortless typing, since you can simply type some letters and the word will appear automatically as if it reads the mind (for those who don’t know or are newbies for the SwiftKey Keyboard).

Download the SwiftKey Keyboard here.

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