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Android L Keyboard now available on Google Play

The Android L was announced in this year’s Google I/O, and was said to be coming with much new and wonderful features. The developer version of Android L is available for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 though the name and version number are still unspecified. The final version is to be launched soon by Google, most probably in August. However, some of the features are available in the Google Play for users, and the Android L material Keyboard is one of them.

android l keyboard

The keyboard is for the present context just like some other third-party apps, which means you can download and install it directly from the Google Play and no any type of root or  side-loading is required, and there is no necessity to remove your present Android default keyboard too. To be more precise, it is just a Google Keyboard of version 3.1.20006 with the material theme installed of Android L keyboard. Hence, you can use it as an alternative application for typing,  since it is for sure more awesome than the previous versions of Keyboard, and is is pretty stable for your smartphone or tablet as well. The app has been modified and is made available by Shen Ye.

android l keyboard

Some days before, there was an APK file for the same keyboard in XDA Developer’s website, which was posted by the member asdfzz. The process of installation was quite bothering though, since it required to be side-loaded and the pre-installed Google Keyboard needed to be modified (this made the app not to work in those devices who could not uninstall the  default Google Keyboard from their device.

Now that the Android L keyboard is available in the Google Play Store for free to all the Android users, you just need to install it, and switch the input method to the new app to use it as you want.



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