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How to See Liked Posts on Instagram?

Instagram offers a ton of options outside of the typical news feed. This article is intended for you if you wish to view posts that you have already interacted with. Instagram is a great app for following musicians, artists, influencers, and friends. But occasionally, our opinions shift, and we can desire to dislike what we previously double-tapped, or what to show someone the post. Fortunately, Instagram offers a practical method for locating pictures you’ve liked and saved. This feature allows you to keep track of both your current interests and previous preferences. Here’s how to see liked posts on Instagram. You can also view saved posts on Instagram.

Liked Posts and Saved Posts

I know that you know this already but to make this an in-depth article I will include this anyway. So, bear with me now. So, on Instagram, users can “like” a post on Instagram if they find it useful and express their gratitude to the author. It may be a stunning work of art, a destination you’d like to visit, a delectable dish, or anything else that one finds fascinating.

Adding a post to your favorites or bookmarks happens when you save it. Instagram posts are likable but not required to be saved. Similar to liking a post, saving a post is also an option. Instagram logs all of your activity in either scenario. As you may view the posts you’ve liked over time or those you’ve saved, both functions can come in handy later.

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram?

Instagram automatically stores all of your liked photos on your account. Here’s how to view liked posts on Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram app on your Android and iOS device.
  • Tap on your Profile and then tap on the hamburger menu icon.
  • Select Your Activity.
  • Inside the Your Activity page, tap on Interactions.
  • You will see options to view comments, likes, reviews, and more.

By default, liked items are shown in chronological order; however, by selecting Sort & filter, you can modify the order and filter posts by creator or date to see older posts first. You can unlike several photographs at once on the Likes page in addition to sorting and filtering. Select the items you want to unlike by tapping Select in the top right corner, then select Unlike at the bottom.

See Liked Posts on Instagram

However, if you are hoping to see the posts you liked when you first started using Instagram, then be prepared to be let down. You may be able to see around a couple of hundred posts. Another drawback is that there is no built-in ability to view liked posts on Instagram on your PC’s web browser. You could bypass this limitation by using Instagram on BlueStacks or using a Chrome extension like Layoutify.

How to See Saved Instagram Posts?

You can save eye-catching photos and videos on Instagram for later viewing. But if you wish to go back and review these posts, where does one you find them? Here’s how to view saved posts on Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Go to your Profile screen.
  • Tap on the Hamburger menu and select the Saved option.

Unlike the limitation of viewing liked posts, you can save as well as view as many saved posts as you choose. As a result, your Saved area may quickly become disorganized. We advise utilizing the Instagram Collections feature to categorize your saved posts so you can stay organized.

How to Use Instagram Collections?

You may keep track of posts made by other users in private folders using Instagram Collections. Instead of being saved to your phone or tablet, each image or video that you save gets bookmarked and saved to a collection inside the app. All of your saved posts are always accessible. Here’s how to use the Instagram Collections feature.

  • Tap on the Bookmark icon when viewing an Instagram post.
  • This will save the post on the All Posts collection by default.
  • To save the post on a different collection, tap on Save to Collection which appears alongside the post you’ve just saved.
  • You can also create a New Collection from here. Simply choose a previously created collection or create a new one.

See Liked Posts on Instagram



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