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How to add Email, Phone number or other Contact info into a text with one click?

You are texting someone with your smartphone. Forget about that, we use almost negligible amount of text messages in our smartphones nowadays. Instead, we use apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, and many more. Whatever you might be using, either text messaging or through any other apps, imagine that a situation comes that you have to forward your email, phone number or contact info to the person you are talking to. In that case, you have to type whole of your email, phone number, or similar details. In case you don’t remember your email or phone number, then it is even more bothering for you, as you have to check that first, memorize or note it and then send it.

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There is a new keyboard app available in the Google Play Store: KEY PING Keyboard App + Emojis, which lets you add email, phone number or any other contact information in your Android smartphone or tablet with just a single click. This is a custom keyboard app with a lot of innovative features, cute emojis and which is available for free. This app, which is a keyboard replacement for your Android device, has special keys, on which you can pre-save your email, phone number or similar information that you use frequently, and then send it to the person you’re willing to with just a single click.

How to add contact info in your Android with a single click:

  • Download and Install the KEY PING Keyboard App + Emojis app from the Google Play Store.
  • Change Default Input Method to Key PING App from your phones Menu >> Settings >> Language and Input.
  • In the Ping keys of the keyboard, save your details: contact information like Name, Email, Address, Phone Number; and Social Media links like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc. You will have to save one detail on a particular Ping Key.
  • When you’re sending a message or posting in a website (that can be any website, like your blog, facebook post, tweets or anything), just click on the Ping Key which has the pre-saved information you want to post or share.

Moreover, this keyboard allows you to have swift keyboard, is absolutely free and uses almost negligible resources of your Android handset.



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