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How to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life?

Remove you SIM card, never use Wi-Fi, if fact never touch you phone and it’ll sit there happily for whole week on single charge. But when you use it for anything “smart”, it’ll show its true nature. Battery life is one of the biggest issues in the Android today. With powerful hardware, bigger and brighter screens, and battery hungry apps, keeping your phone running with some juice is a tough job. This is a serious problem for the people today as a person turns on his phone’s screen at least 50 times each day. But there are something you can do to improve you phone’s battery life other than switching it off and hoping no one calls you. Of course you cannot possibly double your phone’s battery life magically but you can squeeze out a few hours with some few tweaks without compromising on the performance too much. Read this article to know what I am talking about.How to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life

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Here’s How to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life

1) Force your phone to sleep:
Most of the phone’s today as a feature to automatically turn off the mobile signal, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. when you turn off the screen. It is like putting you phone in some sort of coma. Not just signal and Wi-Fi but you can also automate your phone to reduce its processor speed to minimum speed to save power. This can also hibernate most of the apps and save power. Don’t worry if you phone doesn’t have any of these features; you can install phone management apps such as Tasker, Greenify, etc. These apps will turn off all non-essential features and apps when the screen is off.

2) Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use:
This is one of the major culprit for draining your juice. If your phone is constantly sniffing out and trying to connect to every Wi-Fi signal in your area, you battery level will drop fast and you’re wasting power. The best thing you can do to prevent this is turning your Wi-Fi off when you’re finished using it. If you find this difficult then you can install any home screen toggle to make things easy. Most devices now come with notification bar toggle to make things easier.

3) Sync only on Wi-Fi:
As an android user you are given this feature of syncing your contacts, photos etc. to your google account. Even other social networking apps like Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. provide you with this feature. Using this on you slow mobile data will only drain you battery life. Using Wi-Fi for doing this will benefit you greatly as it is quicker, which means less connectivity time and less strain to your battery. You can disable unwanted syncing altogether too.

4) Uninstall unnecessary apps:
Remember that app you installed when you saw your friend using it and found it cool? Of course you don’t, because you don’t use it anymore. It is just lying there eating you your battery without your consent. You can never be sure about what’s running in the background and draining your precious battery. To minimize the risk of losing your battery because of those apps trying to connect to some non-existent server or self-uploading stuffs, you can uninstall these unused old apps.

5) Check yourself:
There are apps which will give you thorough indication of what’s eating away your phone’s battery. You can even use android’s own battery usage checker to find out what’s using all that power. If you find the culprit and you think you can live without it, delete it.

6) Disable auto brightness:
Your screen is the biggest consumer of battery. As the screen are getting bigger and brighter, the demand for battery has increased significantly. If possible, always turn off auto brightness and stick to minimal brightness most of the time. Only max the brightness when you desperately need it. You can install a brightness toggle home screen widget to do this easier.

7) Dump the widget:
Yes I know I’ve been bragging about widgets the whole time and yes, the widget are a key part of android but these little, cute and useful apps floating on your home screen can drain your battery pretty fast. I’m not telling you to delete every widgets you have on your phone; just delete the one you don’t actually need. Weather widgets, email widgets, sports news widgets etc is of no use to most of the people. Even if you need such information, you can open up your browser and look it up – simple. Using a minute of your time to search such information on the internet can save hours of you battery life that was being drained by the widgets.

8) Remove haptic feedback:
I am sure your brain’s had enough experience using touch devices to know whether you’ve pressed something or not. So, turn off all the haptic feedback. These little vibrations use power each time you press a key.

9) Keep it cool:
Batteries tend to last longer in cooler temperatures. Prolonged warm periods can gradually lower the efficiency of your phone’s battery. Putting your phone on a looser pocket might help. This may sound silly but fanning your phone while it charges can also help.



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