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10 Hidden Features in Android Smartphone

10 hidden features in Android[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are plenty of hidden features in Android Smartphone. We are aware of some of the features and some of the features are like hidden treasure – Switching apps, Offline Google Maps,  Restrict apps, Power Button Call End, Silence the Ringing, Find your Lost phone, save it offline in chrome, Keyboard shortcut, they exist in our phone but we don’t know about them and even we don’t bother to find them but don’t worry I will let you know some of the cool and interesting hidden features in Android Phone. Some of you will be pretty amazed seeing these feature and hope you will try it.


Ten hidden features in android smartphone

  1. Switching apps: When you are in any app, you have a recent tap button .You can long press in it and you will be able to switch to you last app that u were using before. This is great for multitasking and it just save time  to go back to an application that you are using.
  2. offline google mapOffline Google Maps: One specific feature that is hidden in it and is very useful when you are lost and when you don’t have data or wifi to find your specific location. But make sure that, you do this in case you need in future. Tap on the search bar and go all the way to bottom, there you will find Make this map area available offline and tap on that. Now, you will have offline map for the specific area. You can even do satellite mode when the data or wifi is not available.
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  3. Set mobile Data limitRestrict apps for data: The majority of the people are conscious of using our cellular data making sure we save enough data but unfortunately we end up finishing our data though we use few apps. This happen because we don’t restrict apps and it runs on background. So to save enough cellular data we can restrict certain application as per our wish.
    To do this : Go to the Setting > Go to Data Usage > Tap on an application > Check restrict app background data. Now this app will not be able to use our data.

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  4. end call power buttonPhone call (Call End): When you make call sometimes it is little tough tapping the End Call Button because the screen is black and you need to go back to screen again by switching the power button. It is so tough and also makes people irritate. So Google added a hidden feature to use the actual power button to end the call and it works fine.
    To enable this : Go to Settings > Accessibility > Check power button ends call
  5. Silence the Ringing: When someone calls you, you can mute the incoming call ringer without hanging up or accepting the call by just pressing the volume rocker.
  6. Find your Lost phone: This feature is hidden within security option in the setting.
    To use this feature: Go to the Setting > Security > Owner info (You can type anything in the text box which will be displayed on your lock screen like some info and your number. Just in case you lose your phone he can call you in that number).
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  7. save webpages for offline viewing chrome for androidChrome Offline View: A lot of people use chrome to browse to the web and sometimes when we read the article we want to save it offline to read later. Chrome has its option by default to let u save webpage into PDF file but it is sort of hidden.
    To save pages for offline viewing: Load up the website > tap 3 dot menu button (this menu button is on right side, top of the screen) > select Print option and tap the PDF button to save the page as PDF file. You can then find those PDF file in your download application.

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  8. Wifi SettingsWiFi Setting: Go to the wifi setting and press on the menu button, you will see an option advanced, this option will give you extra settings for wifi and you will be able to see your IP address as well as your MAC address. You can even optimize your wifi to save battery and change wifi sleep policy, so that when your phone is in sleep mode your wifi turns off and save some battery.

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  9. chrome chrome historySpeed Chrome: Everyone uses chrome and I will show you how to make it faster because chrome does tend to slow down once you start using it. First obviously you need to clear the cache because doing so we will remove temporary and fragmented data that has built over time and you don’t need time.
    To clear cache: Go to Setting > apps > find chrome > clear cache. Next give chrome a little bit memory because most of us have high range device and even mid range devices to tend have plenty of ram.
    Now type this:

    in chrome URL bar and you will enter in the system this is hidden and not in the setting. Now go down unless you see highlighted text (maximum tiles for interest area). You have to set the option to 512 MB which will give chrome more memory to work with website, load faster and lag is reduced.

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  10. Keyboard shortcut: This shortcut is very useful to the people who don’t want to waste their time looking for different symbol throughout the keyboard. Just tap on the certain button to get different symbols. For example, you can long press on dot (.) which will show u different symbols and sign. Likewise try pressing other key to get different symbols.

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So these are 10 cool hidden features in Android Smartphone that you can try and make good use of it. I will let you know some other hidden features next time and if you know any more hidden features then share with us. Feel free to comment.

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