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How to clear Search and Location History in Google Maps?

Google saves all your search history, and the location you have been into. This is useful for you at many times, and is for your own benefit. However, searching random places in the Google Maps accumulate a lot of data in it, and the suggestions pop-up, as soon as you type a letter in the search box. The suggestions help a lot at times, but still can be annoying at some moments. Not only the suggestions, you might have searched for random stuffs in the Google Maps when you have had different mood, and you may not want to see it anymore. Along with this, you also won’t want anyone who has access to your Android device, to see the stuffs that you’ve searched for. Similar is in the case of Location history too, and in these cases, you may want to delete the search history from the Google Maps.

clear Search and Location History in Google Maps

So, if you want to clear Search and Location History in Google Maps of your smartphone, but have no idea on how to do this, you can follow the given steps:

  1. Open “Google Maps” in your  Android device.
  2. Tap the Menu (the horizontal three lines on the top left, which is attached to the search bar).
  3. There, Tap “Settings”, which located almost at the bottom. If you don’t see this, you have to scroll the menu bar down, and you’ll see it.
  4. In the settings option, go to the  “Maps History”. Click on that.
  5. In the Maps history, you will see the whole list of places or locations that you have searched for, or you’ve clicked on the Maps. Tap the delete icon (which is the ‘X’, on the right of each location) for each Map history. Note that you will have to delete every items individually, and you cannot remove them all at once.

That’s it. You’re now done to clear Search and Location History in Google Maps. However, you need to confirm that you are aware the location will be removed from Maps history and activities related to this place will be permanently deleted from your search history.

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  1. This doesn’t work. I want to clear my search history. The places I want to delete don’t show up in map history, but when i click to start a new search they still show up as recent searches.


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