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How to Fix Failed to Obtaining IP Address Error in Android

You may have come across a constant and annoying Failed to obtain IP address Failed to Obtaining IP Addressor Obtaining IP Address message when trying to connect to a network. And you may have also tried to fix it by downloading certain apps that claim to “fix” this error. I don’t recommend you download such an app as it could sometime cause more problems than it can solve. You can fix this error yourself in just a few steps. Here’s How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Error in Android.

Before diving into the solution, let’s see what caused the Android device to fail to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Whenever you turn on your Wi-Fi, your device tries to the nearest connection. It scans and finds a network and tries to obtain an IP address from it but it disconnects and starts to scan for the network again. This is what this error is all about. This is due to the Wi-Fi router that couldn’t assign an IP address for your device.

Stuck at “Failed to obtain IP address” or “Obtaining IP Address” while connecting to the WiFi network? Here’s what you can do to fix obtaining IP address error on all versions of Android.

Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 10

  1. From the notification shade, tap on the gear icon to get inside Settings. Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 10
  2. Then, tap on Network & internet.
  3. Tap on the toggle next to WiFi to enable it.
  4. Tap on the WiFi text to see the list of WiFi networks you’ve connected to.
  5. Long press the network you’re trying to connect to.
  6. Select Modify.
  7. Tap on Advanced and then select IP Settings.
  8. Change DHCP to Static.
  9. Enter the IP address and you’re done.

Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 8 and Android version 9.

  1. Pull down the notification shade and then tap on the gear icon to open Settings.
  2. Once inside Settings, select Network & Internet.
  3. Tap on WiFi.
  4. Turn on WiFi using the toggle.
  5. Find and long-press the name of the WiFi network you want to fix.How to Fix Failed to Obtaining IP Address Error in Android
  6. Select Modify network from the menu.
  7. Tap on Advanced and when you see a drop-down menu, select IP Settings.
  8. Choose Static.
  9. Finally, change the IP Address.

Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 6 and Android version 7.

  1. Slide down the notification bar and then tap on the gear icon. How to Fix Failed to Obtaining IP Address Error in Android
  2. This will open Settings. Tap on WiFi.
  3. Turn Wi-Fi on using the toggle located on the upper right corner.
  4. Find and long-press the name of the WiFi network you want to fix.
  5. When a menu appears, tap on Modify network.
  6. Tap on Advanced options.
  7. Select IPv4 settings and then from the drop-down menu, select Static.
  8. Assign the IPv4 address of your choice.

Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 4.1 and higher

Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 4.1 and higher

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to a network.
  3. Long press on the connected network and select Modify Network.
  4. Check Show Advanced Options.
  5. On the IP Settings drop-down menu, select Static.
  6. Assign the IP of your choice but leave other variables untouched.

Fix failed to obtain IP address for Android version 2.x to 4.0

  1. Go to Settings and select Wireless and Networks. Turn on Wi-Fi and enter Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Press Menu and select Advance.
  3. Check Use Static IP and assign the values according to the screenshot.
  4. You can use the IP address of your choice.

This should solve the Failed to obtain IP address or obtaining IP address error. Make sure you select a unique IP address so that it won’t conflict with other connected devices.

Note: For those who are having a problem connecting to the internet after selecting Static, follow this. It is suggested by our reader Aiyzik on comment belowTell us if this works for you.

Aiyzik says “For those who can’t use the internet but gets connected to the wifi here is what you should do.
after changing to IP address static wait till it gets connected then go back to wifi settings while it is still connected and change back to DHCP it would remain connected and you can access the internet.

Remember do not disconnect before changing back to DHCP”

Usually, the main cause of this issue may be a typo while entering the password. Yes, that’s right. You might have mixed up the upper and lower cases. However, some of the common causes that create these issues are:

  • IP Configuration Failure: Your router may be failing to assign a proper IP address. Usually, this issue can be solved by simply restarting the router.
  • You might be in a poor network coverage area: Shift your device to the area where the network signal is good

Some more common causes that create the issue failing to obtain IP address:

1. Reconnect to Wi-Fi network

Usually, the problem goes away when you reconnect to the network. This is because when you reconnect to a network, the router kills the previous attempt to gain the IP address and simply starts a new process. Also, one of the common mistakes we tend to do is turn the Wi-Fi off and on. Sometimes, this may solve the issue but it would be beneficial if you:

  • Go to Settings >> WiFi/WLAN
  • Select your WiFi SSID
  • Go to Menu >> Forget Network and reconnect to the WIFI

2. Modify some Settings

Don’t panic if the above network didn’t work for you. Here’s another fix, that worked with me. Since your mobile device has a dynamic IP address, one way to solve the issue is to assign a static IP address to your device. For this:

  • Go to Settings >> WiFi/WLAN >> Turn WiFi on
  • Long press your WiFi name or go to your WiFi’s option menu
  • Scroll to find IP Settings (For some devices, it may be hidden under Modify Settings)
  • Switch from DHCP to Static
  • Assign an IP address. Note that you need to assign a unique IP address. Also, leave others unchangedObtaining IP Address - Modify Settings

Now, save the changes. Also, you might want to close all the running apps and restart your WiFi connection. Simply, turn your WiFi off and on again.

As per a rare glitch found in some HTC devices, you might want to try renaming your device.

  •  Go to Wi-Fi Direct settings
  • Rename your device. Change your device name to a simpler word in English, for example, “HTC M8”.

So, were you able to solve the issue? Which method came in handy for you? Also, if you might have other suggestions, please mention it in the comment section below.

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    • i tried many times but i cant access to internet even after connecting then i also changed to DHcP but after changing it gets disconnected and showed again obtaining ip address

      • Same…this trick used to work and now it’s not. Used to be just changing to static fixed the problem. Then it quit working. So I’d follow the next step and changed back to DHCP after connecting. And then for a long that worked. Now I follow those same steps…Change to static, change IP, wait till connected, return to DHCP and it just starts the same problem all over. It’s like my tablet is getting smarter on how to piss me off.

        • By following all steps and hanging back to DHCP mine one got disconnected but reconnect it and it will connect mine got connected 🙂

  1. Excellent ! Had the problem ‘obtaining IP address..’ . Tried many apps.. none.. Setting the static worked like a champ. at least at home. elsewhere the problem could be there.

        • First you have to get into your router settings. To do so enter the router’s IP address on the URL bar ( to find your router’s IP address, type ipconfg on CMD and press enter and you’ll find the address under Default Gateway). Once you’re in, find the list of connected devices and look at their IP addresses and choose the one which is not listed there for your device.

      • Hi I followed your instructions but it won’t let me save after selecting static I. Assume this has something to do with the fact that my WiFi is hotel WiFi so I don’t know what to do if you know if there is any other way to fix it it’d be much apriciate

  2. I cannot save it. After when I click on Ip settings :static. the save button is going grey and it isn’t ready to use I can click only on cancel????? What I should do now???? pleaseeeeee

  3. hello Amogh, i m facing the same issue in my xperia t2 ultra. i changed ip address to avoid conflict with any other device and this is letting the getting connected (meaning the ‘obtaining IP address’ message is gone and the status shows ‘Connected’) but i’m still not able to access internet. Can you please help?

  4. Static IP defeats the purpose of dynamic IP assignment. What is the fix to just make DHCP work the way it is supposed to work? I don’t believe android would say the solution is static IP only.

  5. The recommended solution did not work for me. However, I came across a comment suggesting that there is a problem with Android and some Belkin routers. As I had an oldish Belkin router I bought a new router (Netgear) and then everything worked fine. I appreciate that this is not a cheap solution, especially if it does not do the trick for you, but if like me you are despearte and nothing else works you may care to try it.

    • Enter these details
      IP – or (you can choose other if you want)

      Gateway – (depends on your router)

      NPL – 24

      Netmask – (leave it if you dont find this)

      DNS 1 – or

      DNS 2 –

      • I did exactly what u said but still i m not able to have internet access on my device. Well i m using mHotspot app to create wifi. Till yesterday it was working fine and suddenly this error popped up .

        • FOR THOSE USING HOTSPOT APP ON WINDOWS 10 …. This worked for me!

          Right-click on the network icon and select Network and Sharing Center. Then click on Change adapter settings. This shows all your adapters and connections. Right-click on the Ethernet connection and select Properties, then click the Sharing tab.Untick the Checkbox to Allow sharing the connection and the other one also.Then again try to restart mobile hotspot.

      • hi king of word of wisdom! it seems your knowledge really help others. is this solution can work to my pantech element AT&T tab? i really have the same problem with the ip adress. please help.. thank you

  6. canu tell me in detail. i have over come the obtaining ip address error. what ip i need to give in my mobile. my system ip is in 198 range

  7. it should be noted that this solution only works for your home network, of you’re trying this on some other form of hotspot it won’t work. on that note. setting a static ip should only be a temporary solution. I fixed my issue by logging into my router, and being specific on what my dhcp server should give out, specifically I hardcoded it to give out dns server information, after that all is well. AND when company comes over I dont have to tell them how to put in a static ip lol. If you want to try this, go to a cmd prompt and type “ipconfig” you will see “default gateway” followed by an ip address, that is your routers ip address, now type that in the url bar, and login to your router, search atound for dhcp/dns options, once found uncheck the dns get automatically and instead click use the following dns serverz, I chose to use (Google s dns) and (Comcast dns) good luck

  8. Thank you for the help! Its taken away the “Obtaining IP Address” and its connected but when I am using Internet, it doesnt work. Please help me if you can, Im going crazy trying to figure it out!! :))

  9. I am hAving the same trouble with my android tablet all of a sudden…tried ALL steps above and I got connected to wifi but I can’t use my internet. All other devices work just fine. Please help!

  10. I solved this by turning off WiFi.
    Closing all open apps.
    Clearing RAM.
    Turning on WiFi.

    Maybe one of the apps was interfering with ip lease?

  11. I use my phone as a mobile hot-spot, but on my other device I share it with it says “obtaining ip address” and that’s all… Please any suggestions on how to solve this issue

  12. Enter these details
    IP – or (you can choose other if you want)

    Gateway – (depends on your router)

    NPL – 24

    Netmask – (leave it if you dont find this)

    DNS 1 – or

    DNS 2 –

    I did this and mistakenly changed gateway as the given above…please tell me what should I do now? connection says “Avoided poor internet connection”…

  13. For those of you having problem connecting to the internet using my method, use DHCP. Don’t use static IP. It may take longer to connect but it will connect eventually. the “obtaining IP address” error could be caused by poor signal.

  14. hi… i tried using the same steps but still it’s not working. wifi shows connected but nothing. I am using android 2.2. Please help me.

  15. Hello. I accidentally blocked Google’s IP address on the ap Block It then uninstalled it and now i don’t know how to fix my mistake. I have a Sony Xperia Z. Please help

      • Amogh, Can you prease give me one IP Address.

        I have entered same details as below

        IP – or (you can choose other if you want)

        Gateway – (depends on your router)

        NPL – 24

        Netmask – (leave it if you dont find this)

        DNS 1 – or

        DNS 2 –

        It shows “connected” but no internet access. Please help me.

          • I put static IP, I tried about 20 different IP’s, I disconnected every other devices to make sure they wouldn’t interfere. At home I never had this problem, just being connected to this WiFi I have, so it’s not an issue with the device. This happened before but it only lasted about 20 minutes. Now I’m three hours without WiFi trying everything. I followed every instruction step by step.

  16. I have tried static option. Wifi get connected but no internet access. I have checked in wifi system log, there is no activity. While in DHCP mode, Wifi generate IP address for this phone but phone unable to acquire that IP address

    • Disconnect all your devices to your router and connect only the device that cannot obtain the ip as long as you connected connect again the other devices no need to use the static option it works for me

    • First i followed as per above instruction for version 4.1 above. the it connected but besides to wifi symbol it showed an additional symbol is “!” then i following “Aiyzik” instructions. in my mobile it showed it won’t reconnect automatically, then i click on connection option the is showed ” Obtaining IP address…”

  17. For those who can’t use the ineternet but gets connected to the wifi here is what you should do.
    after changing to IP address static wait till it gets connected then go back to wifi settings while it is still connected and change back to DHCP it would remain connected and you can access the internet.

    Remember do not disconnect before changing back to DHCP

    • I tried that but then when I change it back to DHCP, my android automatically changes from “connected” state to “saved”. It doesn’t remain connected

  18. yes….it has worked like no one before.but still got problem that there is no internet access.how to get the internet… please can you suggest…

  19. Hi, this is a great helpful info. i hope it worked for most.
    i have a solution for people still not getting internet access after doing the info he provided

    follow these steps

    1 – forget the password of the wifi
    2 – restart/unplug and plug in back the wifi box
    3 – when it it fully loaded up and showing on your phone
    4 – connect to the wifi by entering the password
    5 – problem fix 🙂

    plz follow me if i help

    @emozaga and on facebook.com/emozaga
    i’m also on youtube to provide a video help, you can hit me up on fb for that 🙂 thanks

  20. my device shows that is connected but I can not access Internet. and when i tried to change from the static to DHCP, wifi disconnect. please help.

  21. Wow! Working so far after days of trying to reconnect to my inhome Wi-Fi. Took least amount of time, easy to follow & after trying several other things while pulling my hair out. Fingers crossed what I did continues to work.
    Thank you

  22. i tried many times but i cant access to internet even after connecting then i also changed to DHcP but after changing it gets disconnected and showed again obtaining ip address

  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Amogh Timsina for helping me out. Though I don’t understand how these things work it solved my problem instantly! You’re amazing! Have a great day!

  24. i did what it says in the instructions but it does not resolve my issue. it keeps on connecting and saved but it totally doe not connect. is it okay the my samsung a5 does not have an ip address?

  25. Hi, thank u so much, it works and i can access my whatsapp wchat instagram and etc, but i cant acces google,youtube and playstore. Anyone having the same problem with me? How to fix it? 🙁

  26. Hello sir, my device is Android 4.4.4 i tried what you say, I can’t connect.
    Can you tell me any other way
    And at what range i should choose the ip address

  27. I use a free public wifi most of the time but it kicks my ass when it kicks me out of connection and when I try to reconnect it will obtain IP address forever, which stops me from using the hotspot for the day at least. I would like to know what could be the cause of that? can I use a static ip on a wifi I have never successfully connected to because of the obtaining ip address error? I’m using a Samsung galaxy pocket neo and I don’t know it’s ip address, do you know how I can see it?

  28. I have made a Hotsopt in my laptop lenovo g50-70 and i have tried all the possiblites with resetting ip’s
    netsh winsock reset

    and even i have tried to flush dns,

    and even i have put Static Address ( )in my android phone Samsung SMG130E,
    it gets connected but no internet access.

    i have restarted my mobile again same issue.

    Help me out.

  29. It worked like a charm.
    Thank You so much.
    I have just bought the new Moto G (3rd Gen), and for the first few days it worked well but Wi-Fi problem started a few days back but it worked again after a day.
    I faced the problem again today and I followed your instructions and it worked very very well.

    However, why does this happen ?
    Is there anything wrong with my phone or is it the problem of the wi fi ?

  30. Please help.! Urgent !
    I did the static thing ,i even got connected but there was no internet access so then i did the dhcp thing but still the problem cant be rectified please reply soon

  31. hi, I have changed my phone from a Samsung s3 to a Samsung s6, I could connect to the wifi with no problem with my lap top and s3, but I’m not able to obtain the ip address with the s6. Following your advice I have changed the settings from DHCP to static, and the phone connected, but still not able to connect to the internet – can you advice what I should do please. many thanks

    • Same problem with my Samsung s6 edge… When switch from static to DHCP it shows error message ‘failed to obtain ip address ‘


  33. i also suffer from this obtaining ip address problem in my android galaxy a3 and other android devices and also uses static method but it connects to my wifi but i cant able to access internet.than i check all my dlink router setting mostly advanced wireless setting section where i found that in mac filtering section,the enable access control mode was checked..than i unchecked that box all my devices connected and able to surf internet on android devices in seconds…thank u..i hope thiis will help someone…

  34. Your solution depends on having successfully connected to the wifi. I do not get connected . The device tries to connect & then gives me “failed to obtain address”.So advanced setup do not show .

  35. i found a permanent fix on this by not using the static ip. first you need another android phone. your phone and the other android phone should be rooted. and can access the root explorer and transfer files. first is you want to go to your root explorer and go to system/etc/dhcpcd. delete the file dhcpcd-run-hooks. most probably this file is corrupted. then go to your next android phone which is working fine. you need to go to the same address in the root explorer system/etc/dhcpcd and copy the file dhcpcd-run-hooks to your memory card. transfer your memory card to your defective phone where you deleted the previous file dhcp-run-hooks. paste the file on the same directory. then exit. try to connect to wifi and it should work fine now. tested on my phone which is having the same problem before.

  36. Hi!
    Okay, so I have searched and searched for a reason/explanation/solution to this problem all day, and it is absolutely driving me insane because I cannot fix this problem!

    My son received an android tablet for Christmas. It is nothing fancy like a Samsung or anything like that. It is called Epik and it is meant mostly for kids (although I do enjoy some games on it occasionally). I bought it on Walmart.com (again, it is not meant to be fancy, my son is 5), so I am not expecting anything spectacular. However, I do expect it to friggin work! When I set it up, it was working great. Since then, it has been working just fine. I have a fairly new wireless router (Netgear) and have updated all my firmware and so on and so on.
    So this morning, as I am enjoying my quiet time, I get on the tablet and start playing my games. The wifi is fine. The next thing I know, the wifi shuts off and now it won’t connect at all!! WTF! I troubleshoot like my life depends on it. Tried every trick in the book (or online) and it still won’t stay connected. I have a 5.0, there has never been an issue with it until this morning. Wifi stays on. I can connect to my phone’s hotspot (but don’t do it for long because I have limited data) but it won’t connect to my home router. This is what it would do:
    It shows up on the available wifi list. I click on it to connect. I enter the password. It does its thing then shows connected for about 3 seconds then drops again. It DOES NOT stay connected. If I was to live or die because of this thing, I would not be here writing this! Every single device in this household can connect. We have 3 laptops, two other tablets, an ipod, 4 phones, and a bluetooth device that connects with no problem at all. We have been connecting for over two years! We have visitors that come over and connect with no problems. This tablet was fine up until today so I do not know what the heck is going on. It also says on the information page that there is no IP address available. I tried connecting to the appropriate IP to no avail. I then tried the switch to static trick, still nothing. I’ve updated, rebooted, reset….nothing! Please tell me what to do. My only other option is to try and get Walmart to send me another one and I don’t want to have to go through all that again. It is a perfectly decent device, I just don’t understand why the wifi got disconnected in the first place. Thank you!!

    • Maybe your router is set to let limited device connect to it. Browse through its setting and see if you can do anything. If that;s not the issue then you can try resetting your device. and if even that doesn’t do the trick then you have no other option than to ask for refund or exchange it. Sorry i could’t be of much help.

      • Hi Amogh..

        I hv MOTO G4 Plus.. i hv same problem with IP address..
        phone shows IP address unavailable..
        also phone doesnt detect our home BSNL wifi
        after changing STATIC> IP address> …..
        It gives SAVE option
        but not CONNECT option
        How do i preoceed.. ???
        can u help me..
        i hv new phone.. but WIFI if not activated yet..

  37. after doing static and all , it gets connected , though the internet doesn’t work.
    i try to change back to DHPC , but instead it gets disconnected.
    i do go and try to connect again , and guess what , back to obtaining ip address .
    pls it would be nice of u help me out

  38. after doing static and all , it gets connected , though the internet doesn’t work.
    i try to change back to DHPC , but instead it gets disconnected.
    i do go and try to connect again , and guess what , back to obtaining ip address .
    pls it would be nice of u help me out

  39. Hello, I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4. The android version is 5.0.1 and so I did what you said for the instructions but it doesn’t give me an option to modify my network after I went to Static. Can you please help me?

  40. i canot connect to my wifi . no wifi symbol at top. but i can use with mobile data./
    my ip adresss is showing . unavailable/
    pls help me with it.

  41. Hi! Please help me. My phone is Oppo Neo 5. I just bought it a few days ago. I can connect to my internet at home, but not to the internet at work. I tried to change the IP address thru Static but I cannot click on the “Connect” (gone when I click Static).


  42. thanks! worked. note- use other ip than your router address or ap name. eg. router address is then ip on device should be or 3, 4, 5 in place of 1, which should be unique if other devices are connected to same wifi network.

  43. For Android version 2.x to 4.0

    Go to Settings and select Wireless and Networks.
    Turn on Wi-Fi and enter Wi-Fi settings.
    (To enter wifi settings press down and hold the network you want to use to connect to the internet that is trying to obtain an IP address and it will take you to the settings menu).
    Press Menu and select Advance.
    Check Use Static IP and assign the values according to the screenshot.

    You can use IP address of your choice.

    Here’s a little more info…
    After the above steps have been completed…

    1) Press save
    2) shut off wifi (This is an important step!)
    3)Turn wifi back on
    4)It should now automatically connect to the new IP after having restarted wifi
    5)NOW go back in and change static to DHCP while still connected to IP
    6)Now you should be able to connect to the internet with the new IP addy

    Hope this further clarifies…

    P.S. If you shut off or reboot your phone it may reset to original default and you will have to reenter the information.

  44. Thank You a Lot…you cured my frustration!!
    It worked!!..forums.androidcentral took me
    to myriads of useless steps leading to
    ruin my router settings!!
    Thank you again.

  45. Thank you so much! To be honest, I was a little doubtful it would work but it worked perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  46. This is not a fix my friend.
    This is just a workaround. Please change your topic’s title.
    You may have miss Unterstood what the word fix means.

  47. Hi
    thanks a lot for this tutorial…
    but this tutorial was not useful for me.
    because after following it, the obtaining IP error still remains…
    so I have no any idea to solve it!

  48. This stupid bug is very annoying. Seems to be related to classless static routes on the network. Droid people say they do it the right way and the rest of the world is wrong.

    If you have access to the router config and can add something like “dhcp-option=121,,” to it, and it may solve the issue. Your router will need to accept such configuration as well (which is not always the case). My example uses as the router, tune it to your network if you want to try this. This is for DNSMasq btw.

    You can also try to force the gateway with “dhcp-option=lan,3,”.

    In any case, if you just set the phone to static IP and it still doesn’t work. Try to disable wifi, wait 3 secs, enable wifi again and it should work.

    The main problem I have with leaving the static IP from the DHCP lease is that the next time you connect to that network you will most likely have an IP conflict (because of someone else using the same IP). Not to mention that mobile devices should be able to connect to Wireless easily.

    The fact that Droids are the only systems that have this problem is even more annoying. Even my old PALM connects fine. Old Wii connects fine as well.

  49. Ok.. You completely Solved my problem. i have no word. Glory to people taking time to help other people with problem they cant comprehend. i am terribly happy that i came accros something some easy to follow.


    Steven B.



    Hi, I spent hours trying to fix this problem on my Android running Nexus 5x and feel I owe it to anyone on here THE SOLUTION I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

    The problem was, my home is apparently too popular a place, as we had too many devices log onto the wifi over several years. We ran out of unique IP addresses… or “DHCP? addresses?”… to associate with individual devices connected to my home network/wifi. These individual addresses are assigned to connected devices so that bits of information you request with any device when doing anything online are delivered to the right place: the correct device.

    TO FIX THIS: you must either delete random devices that have “reserved” IP or DHCP addresses, or you must change the total number of IP addresses that your router can assign “dynamically”.

    1) Log into router configuration, to do so, type in your appropriate http://192.168. whatever into the browser address bar. It should take you directly to a login screen instead of an internet search.
    2) Password and username are either on your modem sticker or they are just both “admin”. You can call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to figure this out, or google this in and of itself.
    3) On my frontier actiontec modem, I went to “Advanced Setup” -> under “Broadband Settings” -> either “DHCP Settings” and/or “DHCP Reservation”.

    4a) For “DHCP Settings”, change only the “Ending DHCP Address”. Simply increase the last number group listed on the IP looking address. Mine was “192.xxx.xxx.128” and I increased it to “192.xxx.xxx.140”, enough for 12 more devices to connect to our wifi!

    4b) If you now go into “DHCP Reservation”, you should be able to see a list of all the devices that have ever had a unique IP/DHCP address associated with them listed with their MAC addresses. For me, we literally had 128 unique devices that had connected to our network in the past. So I deleted one (192.xxx.xxx.99), before I figured out I could increase the number allowed as in step 4a), and my phone finally connected just like that. The problem was these little addresses were maxed out!!!

    So you can either increase the limit as in step 4a) or delete individual random MAC addresses “remove” them, as in step 4b). I SUGGEST USING STEP 4A) OVER STEP 4B)



    • Sadly, as you (also) have a Nexus 5X, you will be hit by a huge security flaw on Oreo update (for Nuxus5x + few others) It now generates a random MAC address. This means you can no longer identity the 5X . In my case I cannot grate/deny it access in yours you’ll use up all the IP address on one device. It as crazy flaw … and it’s intentional

  51. GENIUS! I followed the instructions and it worked! Few minor adjustments probably due to different phone models (I have a Samsung s7).
    1. Click on ‘wifi’
    2. Long-press on the desired wifi connection and a drop down menu will appear
    3. Click on ‘Manage network settings’
    4. Click on ‘Show advanced options’
    5. Change IP settings to Static and type in the values in the screenshot
    6. Re-click the desired wifi connection >> manage network settings >> show advanced options >> change the IP address to the one you desire (leave everything else untouched)
    7. Should work

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Was so distressed from the ‘No IP address obtained’

  52. it works lol, i change the last thing to 107 and it worked. Awesome, this solve my problem cuz i tried a lot of trick like 6 hours and i found this trick.

  53. How does one get this to function when the router is deliberately *not broadcasting* the SSID?

    My router radio signal is *not visible* to anyone but MY laptop.

    My cellphone will NOT find the SSID in this manner, I do not want the signal visible so how does one alter the phone’s WI-FI to *find* the unbroadcast SSID?

  54. Hi Guys,

    tried many times all possible way mentioned above but it didn’t work and finally I got solid way to tackle this issue,

    1. Switch off the Wi-Fi
    2. Switch on the airplane mode
    3. Wait for 10 Sec
    4. Open the Wi-fi, It will connect in 5 sec
    5. Switch off the airplane mode

    You got it!!!


  55. my problem is the error was “Ip configuration failed” so followed your instructions as above (Wifi —> Modify —> changed DCP Static —> put IP address i.e now my mobile connected to wifi but still i am unable to connect to internet as it shows ” Wifi has no internet access” i have changed bunches of ip addresses but still got no success

  56. hy im using sumsunj j5 and i have problm wifi conection at my home .other wifi have connected but at my home connect not i have also chang my wifi name but still not connected

  57. Worked for me, but I also had to change the gateway, prefix length, and DNS to match what my phone automatically picked up. (it was probably just the gateway, which was set to an unusual address)

  58. Also download error always when I try to download….

    WiFi settings already saved and fixed but the problem is that wrong ip

    Anyone pls

  59. Nothing has worked for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. I’m trying to connect to Xfinity WiFi On Demand network as I paid them to use a week WiFi pass. I don’t have WiFi at home. My data plan is low, so from time to time I will buy a limited XFINITY pass, which has always connected before… until 2 days ago. “Failed to obtain IP address” is what I’m getting as an error. Tried ALL these tips posted, EVEN did a factory reset on my phone! Still getting this error. I have no idea how to fix it! I have no idea how to prevent this from happening I the future.

  60. The issue “not able to assign an ip address” is with your wireless carrier. Contact them. If you have access to the modem, you can resolve the issue yourself. On the back of your modem is a reset button. With an object, like a paper clip, depress the reset button for a full 60 seconds. You will see the power light switch to red. Continue holding for the full 60 seconds. Release. Now unplug your modem from the wall socket for 10 seconds and replug into socket. Your modem will reboot and assign the ip address. Your phone Wi-Fi will now connect if passwords were previously assigned to the network. Otherwise, connect your Wi-Fi to the network by entering the password. The default password (or Key/Passphrase) is on the bottom of the modem.

  61. I have this problem while using my G6 as a hotspot my Windows computer and my Android tablet keep dropping the connection telling me unable to obtain IP address.

  62. Thanks so much. You’re a genius. This worked for me when I changed from static to DCPA as your friend suggested. It didn’t work initially with static. I’m so grateful.

  63. This problem started yesterday and in last 24 hours i read and tried everything, switching to static, turning off/on automatic time, flight mode, router reboot,..you name it but nothing really worked for me. At last In a desperation iv done factory/ hard reset. I lost all data but VOILA,.. my wifi is back on track. finally its working again. I hope it’ll helped some one. If nothing else is working for you and you are as desperate as i was, try factory reset on your mobile. It will solve the problem.

  64. Hi Amogh,

    I have MI A1 device, I read all your comments above & tried implementing them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow to connect/save the details.

    IP – or (you can choose other if you want)

    Gateway – (depends on your router)

    NPL – 24

    Netmask – (leave it if you dont find this)

    DNS 1 – or

    DNS 2 –

    Connect/Save option has been greyed out 🙁 Could you please help me with this.

  65. Thank you!
    I suddenly got “failed to obtain IP addres” while trying to connect to my wifi at home. This solution fixed it perfectly <3

  66. My Wifi and Bluetooth just don’t turn on at all, it has a faint blue color as if it’s turning on but it just doesn’t seem to work.

  67. I Dont understand what is meant by change the IP? Just put any random number there? I did try that, it connected but with no internet.


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