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How to Prioritize WiFi signals

Availability of Wi-Fi has grown these days. But, this may not be all good news. It means there are just too many Wi-Fi signals competing for the same spot. Your device connects to the signal with the best signal strength and stability but when you’re in a place with many hotspots, then your device will have a hard time deciding which one to connect to or problem like failed to obtain IP address may occur. Fortunately, you can have control over this. You can prioritize signals and make your device connect to the one you prefer. Here’s how to prioritize WiFi signals.

Methods to Prioritize WiFi signals

Method 1: Using built-in feature

This may not be available on all the devices. If you’re using custom ROMS like Cyanogen Mod, you may have built-in settings to prioritize Wi-Fi signals. To make sure your software has the feature, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap on menu > Advanced Wi-Fi. If you can find an option saying Wi-Fi Priority, then you have the feature. Open it and play with the list to set which network has more priority over others.

Method 2: Using Wi-Fi Prioritizer

Wi-Fi Prioritizer is a free app from play store that helps you set Wi-Fi connection priority. This app will automatically monitor signal strength and switches between networks accordingly. After you install the app, open it and toggle Enable Scheduled Job on. You will find the list of all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve saved or connected to. The ones on the top have higher priority than the one on the bottom. You can drag them in the order you want them to connect.Prioritize WiFi signals

The app will scan for WiFi networks every 60 seconds by default and will switch networks if necessary. You can change the refresh interval if you want. To do so, tap on menu > Settings > Refresh Interval and set the time from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

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