Owners of the good old Samsung jellybean_androidGalaxy S2 can finally enjoy some tasty Jellybean now that carriers Sprint and AT&T have finally released the 4.1.2 updates.  Users can now use OTA or Kies to update their Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S2 to Android 4.1.2. and  enjoy these awesome “new“ features:

  • Google now,
  • better camera interface,
  • awesome buttery fast interface (courtesy project butter),
  • New notification bar which gives easy access to power menus and displays notification previews.
  • Other Samsung functions like in Jellybean of Galaxy SIII

Well, die hard android fans must have already gotten hold of  the latest 4.2.2 JB custom ROMs. So this official update is nothing exciting for them. However, those who waited on their stock ROMs can expect their device to perform and look better after the update.


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