Why did you buy an Android phone? For hardware superiority – yes. For premium designs – yes. For customization – also a yes. But what most of you don’t realize is that android is also superior to other smartphone platforms in automating tasks. Neither iOS nor Windows Mobile offers the automation feature Android does. So the next time you are in doubt whether or not you should switch platforms, think of this! So why am I bragging about Android’s automation feature; because here is this article we are going to talk about a one small app that can Set your device to silent or vibrate based on time, event, location and contact. Behold Mr. Silent, Auto silent mode! Here’s how you use this app.

After you download Mr. Silent from the Google Play Store, open the app and you’ll be greeted by an orange dashboard. The interface looks simple and easy. We have four slots on the dashboard – Time Slot, Events, Contacts and Locations. In Time Slots, you can set the start date and the end date. Your device will be set to silent between those date and time range. You can also add multiple events and delete the events you don’t need.timeslotYou can also set your device to silent or vibrate by events as well. Mr. Silent will read events form Google Calendar and syncs all your meetings so that you can make sure your phone is quiet during them.

Moreover, you can configure Mr. Silent to set the device in silent or vibrate for a particular contact. Tap on the Contacts and you’ll see a Whitelist tab and a Blacklist tab which will let you include or exclude contacts as per your need. You can select all or manually select the contacts you want to whitelist or blacklist. You can also remove the contacts from the list but tapping on the “X” button next to the contact name.contacts triggerThe last one is the location trigger which allows you to select places where you want your phone to be in silent or vibrate mode. You need your GPS to be active in order to use this.  Add location where you want your phone to be in silent or vibrate mode and you’re all set.

location triggerYou may experience some trouble while switching between triggers as the last trigger you used is the default screen you see when you later open the app. Just slide the left side of the screen to success dashboard and settings. Inside settings you can adjust the time interval for the app to update your current location. Remember, higher the value lesser the battery drainage. You can select the mode you want to use – mute or vibrate. You can also enable or disable the location service and the notifications.

settingsThis is it. Drop us a comment if you experience any confusions.


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