Samsung has officially announced the edgy counterpart of the Galaxy S6 in MWC 2015. The phone, which is named as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, has a bent display, and has the same changes as proportionate to the Galaxy Note 4 and Note 4 Edge.

Galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge has almost the same specs as that of the Galaxy S6. The only major difference (apart from the display style of course) between the two devices are the battery capacity (beefed to 2600 mAh in S6 Edge). Other than that, there will be some changes in the colors: the S6 will be available in white black, gold, and blue, while the S6 Edge can be hand in white, black, gold, and green. The concept of the S6 Edge is similar to Galaxy Note 4 Edge (as already mentioned above), and the Edged display will have similar performances. This time, however, Samsung has edged both sides of the S6, instead of one in the Note 4. The S6 Edge is also a little bit thicker (7 mm), while compared to the S6 (6.8 mm). Rest of the specs are same, which include QHD 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display, Exynos chipset with 2.1 GHz octa core processor, Android 5.0.x Lollipop out of box and all-metal unibody design.

Though the ‘Edge’ display of the Galaxy S6 Edge may seem to be like a gimmick, it is not so in actual. The features are cool (both in appearance and in practice), and come handy time and again. Samsung still brings over the the low-power alarm clock that lights up on the edge of the device, so you can set the phone down on your nightstand or your cat while you sleep and see the time without even reaching for your phone. Contacts that you speak with often can be given a specific color. When your phone is laying flat on a table and someone calls, the idea is that you’ll be able to see the color, know exactly who’s calling, and determine whether you should go outside and answer that important call from your boss or just stay in the bar and scream drunkenly at your friend. Also, if you’re busy or one beer past forming coherent sentences, you can double tap the heart rate sensor near on the Edge’s lens and it will send a pre-determined text message of your choosing.

The price of the Galaxy S6 Edge is not yet revealed, and it is expected to launch alongside with the Galaxy S6 later this month.


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