Terrance Eden who had earlier detected flaws in the Galaxy Note II where he bypassed the devices lock screen.  This time he has discovered how to bypass the lockscreen of Galaxy S3. The hacker makes use of the failed emergency call to briefly enable the visibility of the device. Though the screen is visible only for a brief moment, it is reported that hackers could use this bypass to gain access to data, place calls and even download a screen lock disabler from the Google Play Store.  

After Eden informed Samsung of the flaws, the Smartphone giant has said that it will soon release a patch for this loop hole. Eden even offered to withhold this information which surprisingly Samsung declined. So far, the problem has been detected only in the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and it is still unknown whether other versions have the bug or not.

For the time being before the patch is released, Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II users may be more secure with the custom ROMs of Cyanogenmod. Samsung has reassured users recently that it will roll out the lock screen bug fixes for both Note 2 and Galaxy S3 in the near future.


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