There are apps that do not run on your device just because you decided to root it. This is because of Google’s SafetyNet. Apps like Netflix, financial apps, and some games won’t run on your device if you have root access. However, rooting your Android with Magisk will “hide” the root status and make it avoid detection from such apps. Magisk has advanced so much now that in most of the cases is bulletproof. In this guide, we are gonna root OnePlus 7 Pro using Magisk so that it can pass Google SafetyNet checks.

Root OnePlus 7 Pro using Magisk

OnePlus 7 Pro is truly a powerful phone. It is comparatively cheaper than the latest flagships and an excellent choice to root and unlock its true potential. But due to Google’s SafetyNet, a number of apps will not work if it detects that your device is rooted. This is why Magisk is so important. You can use such apps if you root using Magisk. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Unlock Bootloader

You aren’t going anywhere if your bootloader is still locked. This is the first step in unlocking the true potential of your OnePlus 7 Pro. Unlocking bootloader will allow you to perform modifications to the system files.

Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro

Unlocking bootloader is a whole different topic, so for the sake of keeping this guide short, you’re gonna have to follow a different guide (linked below) if you have a locked bootloader. If it is already unlocked, read on.

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Step 2: Install TWRP

After you have unlocked the bootloader, you can move on to installing TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 7 Pro. You will need this custom recovery to install almost all modifications. You will also need TWRP to install Magisk to root your device.

If you already have TWRP installed on your 7 Pro, move on to next step. If you haven’t, there is a guide to do so linked below.

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Step 3: Download Magisk

Now, this is the star of the show. You will need to download the ZIP file that contains all the necessary magisk framework and the Magisk Manager app. This zip will be flash using TWRP on the later step.

Root OnePlus 7 Pro using Magisk

Flashing this ZIP file will grant you root access and let your device pass Google’s SafetyNet checks. Download the file attached below and copy it to the Download folder on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Step 4: Boot in TWRP recovery

Before you can start flashing the downloaded ZIP file, you will need to boot your OnePlus 7 Pro into TWRP recovery. The easiest way to get into TWRP is through Advanced Boot.


You have already enabled Advanced Boot when you unlocked the bootloader or installed TWRP. To access Advanced Boot and get into TWRP, long press the power button and then select Recovery. Your device will reboot into TWRP.

Step 5: Install Magisk

Now that you are inside TWRP, it is time to do what you came here for – flash Magisk. On the main menu, tap on Install and then go to the Download folder where you’ve put the ZIP we need to flash.

Root OnePlus 7 Pro using Magisk


Select the ZIP and then move the Swipe to confirm Flash slider. This will start the installation and after it is done, you will have root access. After it is done, select Reboot System to reboot your Android.

Step 6: Root and SafetyNet

This is the last step you need to do. Open your app drawer and look for Magisk Manager. Open the app and tap on the circular arrow beside Tap to start SafetyNet check and then hit YES. This initiates a check and you will get a message saying SafetyNet Check Success.

Your OnePlus 7 Pro now has root access and will pass Google’s SafetyNet checks. You can now venture to the magnificent work of customization and modding. Go ahead and unlock your device’s true potential.

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