Nowadays, most people are used to buying things online instead of the real store. Indeed, it is really convenient for us to get what we want without going out. For people who want to buy phone parts, such as phone case, battery, screen, chargers, I’d like to introduce a new site for you. phonegemwon, a professional mobile phone parts and accessories supplier, offers you the broad coverage of phone parts for almost all mobile brands. This site is especially a good choice for wholesalers, as they can get a big discount from here.


Things you can buy from Phonegemwon:

As we’ve mentioned above, Phonegemwon is a professional mobile phone parts and accessories supplier, the products on this site include:

  • Phone parts: including touch screen, battery, camera, touch glass, back cover, USB charging port etc.
  • Charger: the chargers for all phone brands. Also have car chargers.
  • USB cable: USB cable for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Headset: the normal headset and wireless headset.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: iPhone Bluetooth speaker, car Bluetooth speaker and more.
  • Repair Tools: have a large coverage of repairing tools, micro stainless steel glasses, grabber.

How to Buy Phone Parts on Phonegemwon

Just like all the online stores, it is very easy to buy things on phonegemwon. Here’s a guide:

  1. Go to the official site of Phonegemwon, you can now see the category from the left side.
  2. Choose one from the category and find the product you want. You can also directly type the product name from the search box.
  3. Now make sure the product you really want, check the description and specification, and then click “Add to Cart”.

samsung galaxy glass4. If you haven’t sign in the site, log in with your email and password. For new users, just register a new account.sign-up5. Now you can type your address and choose a payment method to get the products.

About the Price in Phonegemwon

To be honest, the price in this site is really cost-performance. They take the product quality as their company principle and set a reasonable price. For wholesalers, you can get a discount if you buy products in bulk. The reason for the low price is that the cost of the materials and labor are in southeast Asia, which is lower than other places.

Customer Service

You can contact the customer service 24 hours as you want, via Skype, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more social apps. Gemwon takes every customers’ feedback as the momentum to improve themselves, thus, you are always welcomed to share your feedbacks.

All in all, this phone accessories online store is really worth to try. If you like this post, you can share it with your friends.


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