Looks like CEO Kazuo Hirai is looking to go head on with Google in the coming years. Sony has recently filed a patent application for its head mounted device(HMD) technology. The notable difference between Google Glass and Sony’s HMD is that the latter has displays for both eyes. The displays are on the inside part of the glasses and can be adjusted as per the user’s comfort.

In the past Sony’s focus of HMD was mainly for gaming purposes but it seems they have been working on a design aimed at general computing since 2008. In 2012 a patent revealed that Sony is working on a HMD primarily for 3D multiplayer gaming and interactive video presentations. The latest patent is the continuation of another patent application referenced back to 2008 (2008-272879). The patent has 16 claims and detail description of 17 conceptual diagrams of the devices functionalists.

While this might be an indication that Sony is looking to compete directly with Google Glass, Google’s scope of operation for its HMD  is vast. Only last week it secured patent  for  Superimposed Controls and Instructions for External Devices which show that Google Glass will work with external devices such as garage doors, kitchen fridge, computer printers and copiers.


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