Oshika news appThe days in which we used to read the newspapers early in the morning to read yesterday’s news are history, solely with the development of internet, where we can get any news instantly in our device, all we have to do is to stay connected. We can access the news sites from anywhere, and get the latest update. But with the development of several news site, we at times confuse to choose the sites. There are numerous news sites, and only some of them are good. Still, we don’t always have the time to visit each of them in particular. To solve this problem; Oshika news app is here.

Developed by Game Studios, Oshika is an absolutely free news-based app for Android, which solves almost all your news. As the name suggests, Oshika-Ocean of News is in fact the ocean, where you can your desired news feed to read.

Pros Cons
Small file size Basic Theme
Smooth UI Loads slow
Handy Categories Few options


Oshika news appWell, as soon as you download the Oshika app from the Google Play Store and install it in your Android device, you will see a flat screen, and a ‘+’ icon below, in the bottom right part of the display, where you will be able to choose the categories, and those currently available are News, Technology, Gadgets, Sports, Business, Finance and Photography. These might seem few, but there are barely any categories left which you’d want to read the news about. Inside each categories, you’ll see all the famous news website which you can select, and once you select the sites, they will start to appear in your app’s home. In the home, however, you can choose whether to see all the selected sites’ news, or to access a site in particular. There is an option for this, just tap the three horizontal lines in the top left of your screen, and you will see a window emerging, where you can choose the sites. You can also delete the chosen sites, applying the same process.

There is not much to talk about the app’s theme, there is only one, and all you can choose is just the colours. Besides, in the settings option (you can access if from the three vertical dots form the top right of the screen), along with the theme colours, you will have the options to delete image cache, access to the app’s social networks, the ‘about’ section, and the feedback section. The app loads pretty slow, and we hope the developers will fix this soon.


Oshika-Ocean of News is a good news app for Android. In its very first stage of being developed, you can see so much to get from it, especially if you are so much into the news.

Download Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.gamestudios.oshika


  1. Hi Lalit,

    Thanks for the app review. We are just starting our app and we understand that there is practically nothing new. But there are features coming soon which we hope will able to amaze the user. Stay tuned for more features.


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