file location of images scanned using arcnoteArcNote is a free note keeping app for android which allows you to take  pictures of powerpoint slides, magazines, paper notes etc, then edit and export the scanned images in pdf format or share it as JPEG to other apps such as Gmail, instagram, facebook and so on. You can also transfer the JPEG file to other devices via Bluetooth. Weird thing about this app is that it doesn’t store the images in an easy to find location like the gallery.  Finding the folder location of images scanned by ArcNote in the internal storage can be somewhat daunting.

The images are there and with a little looking around you will find it. But, to save you this trouble here is how you can find the location for ArcNote scanned jpeg files in your phone or tablet’s internal storage or SDcard:

  • Connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer
  • Go the following location inside your internal storage:  ArcNote1.5/Admin/nomedia/WorkSpace
  • Inside the “Workspace” folder you will see a lot of folders with long names like “de18178b-3332-4ab9-b43c-ae7e96280702”
  • Inside those folders is a folder named “filepath”  where you will find your edited scanned  images

Another method to store your ArcNote scanned images in an easy to find location:

  • Long press the scanned image in ArcNote and click on “Share as JPEG”
  • You will see a list of apps, from them select other photo editing apps like Snapseed, PicsArt, Chymera, Pixlr Express and so on. Now, the scanned image will open in that app. From there, you can tweak your images and save it to the app’s folder which is much easier to find than Arcnote’s default image folder.


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