ubuntu edge

Canonical, the British Company that developed Ubuntu, are planning to bring a serious competition in the Smartphone market. Canonical is working on its own “Super Smartphone” called Ubuntu Edge which will support dual boot in both Android and Ubuntu. Canonical has  announced a crowd funding project which plans to raise $32 millionvia via indiegogo before August 21. If everything goes well, 40,000 Ubuntu Edges will hit the market.  You can pre-order your Edge for $625 but you will have to wait till May 2014 to get it. Ubuntu Edge will pack serious specs which include the following:

Ubuntu Edge Specs, Price and Release Date

  • Primary OS: Ubuntu Touch
  • Display: 4.5 inch 720p
  • Processor: Quad-core
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Internal Storage: 128GB
  • LTE 4G
  • Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • Release Date: May 2014
  • Price at release: $830

Also, check out this video by Canonical on Ubuntu Edge hardware:


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