Rooting an Android device is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although it allows you to have complete access over your device, it has its own risk. You may end up with a boot loop or soft bricking your device and on the worst case scenario render your device completely unusable. The beauty of a rooted Android device is it unlocks many possibilities of customizations and device management among others but if you don’t be careful and don’t know what you are doing, then the risk of bricking your device is inevitable. However, there are some hacks that may sound like you need a rooted device to perform but does not. These hacks are simple and does not harm your device. Continue reading to learn these hacks.

Android hacks that does not require root

Remotely lock your phoneAndroid Device Manager

We all know the chill we get when we can’t feel our phone inside our pocket. There is nothing worse than losing your phone and knowing someone might get their hands on the sensitive information stored on your phone. Well you have to fear no more. You will be delighted to know that you can remotely control your phone without the need for rooting it. If you ever lose it you can remotely track it or delete all the data on it.

You first need to download Android Device Manager from the Play Store. After you finished downloading and installing it open it and provide your Google account information when asked. Since it is a Google app, you don’t need to fear about providing Google account information. Once you are finished, you will see a screen with map and list of device you are currently logged in. You will see two options – Ring and Setup Lock and Erase. The Ring options allows you to ring your device in full volume for five minutes. And if you press Setup Lock and Erase, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to activate it. Then you will be taken to another screen where you will be provided with options regarding locking and erasing your device.

Bypass securitySmart Lock

While adding a layer of security on your device is important, it can be tiresome to keep inserting pattern or pin code every time you have to use your device. If you are in an area which you think is secure, you can use this hack to automatically disable security when you are in that area. However you have to be careful in choosing the area as it will leave your device venerable. It is best if you use this hack when you are in your home.

First you need to setup a unlock method if you have not done it already. Once it’s done, you need to go to smart lock, enter your pin number and press trusted places. You will be asked to add a location and then on you will not be required to enter pin code to unlock your device while you are in that area. Choose your area wisely though.

Record callsAutomatic Call Recorder

How cool would it be if you were able to record your phone calls or of the person using your phone to make a call. Many of the voice call recording app available on the market require root but there are some which doesn’t. One such app is Automatic Call Recorder. It is a free and easy to use app that doesn’t require root to record. Even if your service provider has disable call recording on your phone, this app has several workarounds to get through these blocks. Automatic Call Recorder is available for free in the Play Store. Go on, give it a try.

Run LinuxDebian noroot

Running a completely different operating system on a device that is intended to run on a completely different operating system may sound like a high level hacking. But as complicated as it sounds this can be achieved with minimal skill. There are plenty of apps available on the Play Store that can make most of the Linux operating system on your android device. However most of them require your device to be rooted but there an app called Debian noroot, that you can download and install for free and run various Linux operating system with ease.

Monitor heart rateInstant Heart Rate Monitor

It’s not like this hack will transform your Android device into a heart rate monitor but if you use the right software, this can be somewhat achieved using your LED flash. This hack is just a trick that uses flashing LED to track color changes under the skin and monitor the amount of blood passing through. Instant Heart Rate Monitor is one such app that uses your Android’s LED flash to monitor your heart rate.

Navigation buttons apps shortcutsHome 2 Shortcut

If you are like me who wants a clean home screen but also want apps on the tip of your finger then this hack is for you. Using the app called Home 2 Shortcut, you can assign apps to your device’s navigation buttons. You can assign various combination such as tapping Home button twice, tapping Home button and then Back button or double tapping Menu button to open various apps.

So these are some of the hack you can try to make your Android device more accessible without the hassle of rooting your device. You can also try various Android Launchers to alter how your device acts. Combine one or more hacks together and use your beloved device with ease. If you know any more hack that can be performed without rooting; comment below.




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